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    Business Introduction and Vision of Department of Civil Service Ethics Print
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    “2016 Integrity Education in Campus - Delivering Love to Remote Townships” promotion tour - Rectitude volunteers enjoyed the time with students of Yue-Mei Elementary School in Shanlin District, Kaohsiung City“Rectitude” is the fundamental principle of promoting the competitiveness of a city, good governance, and sustainable development. The transformation of Kaohsiung, internationalization, and building a living city with the moral of “rectitude and happiness” are what Kaohsiung citizens expect. By upholding the Mayor’s determination to promote rectitude and leading Kaohsiung to march forward, the Department of Civil Service Ethics of Kaohsiung City actively promotes rectitude projects and has built a clean and transparent official environment in order to reach the goal of rectitude and efficiency in the City administration. This has been done in the hopes of providing citizens with a safe, prosperous, happy and livable rectitude city.

    “2016 Rectitude Neighborhood - Hao Shui Community” water station maintenance rectitude platform - rectitude volunteers assist in the inspectionThis Department and affiliated agencies uphold the principles of “precaution, establishment of regulations, cross-domain integration and promoting what is beneficial.” Through the systematic rectitude projects of corruption prevention, anti-corruption, and corruption re-prevention, we not only actively assist agencies to promote transparent measures coping with business features, but also strictly request for official disciplines to improve the administrative efficiency. In addition, we conduct cross-domain integration with rectitude volunteers to jointly care about the administration and promote rectitude.

    Through diversified and multi-aspect rectitude educational promotion, we hope to take root of the integrity faith and deepen the rectitude awareness for the public. We also continue to inspect businesses that are vulnerable to corruption in the agencies, investigate petitions or corruption reports by citizens in objective and prudent manner, improving the quality and performance of investigation in order to increase people’s trust in the City Government, build a quality and rectitude administration, and allow Kaohsiung to become a rectitude, efficient, prosperous, and happy harbor.