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    About Kaohsiung City Government Transportation Bureau Print
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    students bus experience activities Traffic is one of the engines to start urban development closely connected with economic development, environmental sustainability and the public transportation interests. The Transportation Bureau is in charge of all kinds of the transportation related business, planning and management of traffic and transportation, development and expansion of the public transport network, enhance smart transportation management capabilities, improve the parking problems and reduce the accident rate. We want to provide Kaohsiung citizens with a more efficient public transport services and safer transportation environment to move towards a more sustainable metropolitan transportation system.

    barrier-free taxi To achieve the municipal policy vision of "Love Living in Kaohsiung", the city's transport policy is constructed on the five main vision of "GREEN sustainable green transportation!: Integration, Reliability, Eco-mobility, Efficiency, and Networking" , to integrate Kaohsiung’s transportation construction, connection road, sea, air and rail transportation systems to establish the overall transport network in Kaohsiung, to exert synergy. Combined with smart transportation system and integrating transportation system resources, through engineering and management to strengthen the link of the existing systems to improve efficiency, to construct fast, punctual public transport system, and to enhance the overall efficiency and convenience of transportation services of the Great Kaohsiung area.

    tourist taxi In addition, the through advanced technology and the development of smart transportation system to improve the operational efficiency of transport systems, promote carpool taxi service while improving the quality of public accessible transport systems services to enhance the reliability of Kaohsiung’s transportation environment. Actively connect with the international trend in the development of ecological transport systems to promote green transportation systems, develop strategies of humanistic transportation, to construct low-carbon, sustainable, humanistic eco-transportation environment.
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