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    Business Introduction for Civil Affairs Bureau Print
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    Civil affairs are the people-oriented service, which are points, lines and surfaces. Civil affairs are the service from “womb to tomb,” including the birth of new lives, growth, schooling and employment, founding families, and the journey after the old age.

    Village Chief sworn into office – presenting certification of winning the electionThe team of civil affairs includes district offices, household registration offices and the mortuary service office of Kaohsiung City. We provide kind and warm services in accordance with people’s benefits and needs and adhere to the spirit of “people first.” Our business includes: planning of administrative affairs, district and village organizations, district disaster monitor and control; assisting in conducting public official elections, village assemblies, expediting local constructions; promoting local infrastructures and small construction projects to improve the living environment of citizens; promoting economic weddings, funerals, and ceremonies to improve social ethos; improving religious groups’ quality as well as counseling and rewarding for normal development; promoting simplified and convenient household registration service, correctively managing household registrations, conducting naturalization, and planning and counseling new immigrants to adapt to new lives; improving and maintaining mortuary facilities, promoting for improvement of air pollution prevention, reduction of funeral objects and diverse eco-funeral, and re-interment of cemetery for sustainable environment and remodeling city landscape.

    Stand up and greetings in Xiaogang Household Registration OfficeAs the bureau enters into the middle of the second decade of the 21st century, it will not only continue to promote sound district and village organization and strengthen the functions of local level, but also develop local features through a combination of social resources in compliance with the social trend of internet popularization, low birth rate and aging society. Meanwhile, we will expand the services to different groups. For example, we establish life adaption consulting classes and implement a series of service projects for new immigrants in order to help them adapt to the life in Taiwan. We also care about the human rights of LGBT people. Besides for holding LGBT forums, concerts and parades, Kaohsiung City is the first city to register the relationship of same sex couple in the household registration information system starting this year, which shows the city’s goodwill toward diversified cultures and other governments are learning from the city.

    When facing more difficult challenges ahead, we will face up to the responsibilities. This Bureau will continue to strengthen education trainings, improving the quality of colleagues, and actively provide services to the people internally; on the other hand, through more advanced technology and equipments and combination of new thinking, we will build an environment that is safer and healthier. We hope to enter a new era of service with a wider vision and more practical actions.