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    Test run ceremony of the first LRT trainMass rapid transit systems, which are characterized by safety, convenience, comfort, and eco-friendliness, represent a main feature of modern cities and a key prerequisite of urban competitiveness. The Mass Rapid Transit Bureau is responsible for the creation of a mass transportation backbone with the construction of the MRT system and the planning of the overall MRT network as its main tasks. It also serves as a disseminator of eco-friendly transportation concepts and practices.
    The basic route network of the initially constructed orange and red lines of the Kaohsiung MRT system employs a heavy passenger volume system. Each train has a capacity of 750 passengers. Through a train dispatch system it is possible to achieve a unidirectional volume of over 20,000 passengers per hour, which allows the quick handling of large passenger flows. The red and orange lines have a total length of 42,7km and rely on an underground tunnel system and elevated sections. The lines became operational in 2008. The R24, R16, R11, and R3 stations of the red line and the 013 station of the orange line are located at six major transit centers and transportation hubs of the city with city bus, long-distance bus, and shuttle bus connections. This greatly facilitates the realization of the policy goal of a 30-minute life circle.

    LRT train is transported from Taichung Harbor to the southern depot of the Kaohsiung MRT system Obstacle-free access due to same height of LRT platforms and car floors LRT test run operations Stationary LRT train displayed for the public at the C3 Kaisyuan Rueitian Station

    The route of the Circular Light Rail Transit BOT project (LRT) which is implemented in sequence and employs a medium passenger volume and ground-level rail system spans a total distance of 22.1 km. Every train has a capacity of 250 passengers. Three LRT stations are located at intersections with the red and orange MRT lines while another three stations are situated at intersections with Tairail routes, providing passengers with convenient shuttle and transit services. To meet the demands of an aging society, all light rail cars have low floors and an obstacle-free interior without stairs and the platform is level with the car floors to create an obstacle-free transportation environment.

    Mayor Chen Chu leads a group of city government representatives on an inspection tour of LRT trainsC1 Lizihnei Station of the LRT systemIn addition, the LRT project also places great emphasis on landscape beautification. The waterfront route constructed during the first stage employs a catenary-free power supply system to guarantee an unobstructed view of the sky and maintain a complete skyline. An 8-km-long green corridor is created through a combination with planned bike trails along the route. City residents can enjoy the delightful sights and views of the city in a relaxed manner and experience the leisurely atmosphere of this harbor metropolis regardless of whether they take the LRT or ride a bicycle.
    The Gangshan-Lujhu Extension Line is another new rapid mass transit construction project, which is currently still in the planning stage. It will extend the red line to the north and serve residents of the main industrial corridor and areas in northern Kaohsiung. Following the merger of Kaohsiung City and County, the territory of the city has been greatly expanded. The Bureau is therefore committed to creating a sound mass rapid transit service network and will continue to assess and review the overall route network, expand the coverage of the MRT system, bridge the urban-rural gap, stimulate economic development, and increase the passenger volume in an effort to promote a low-carbon and energy-saving modern lifestyle.

    Grass planting and landscape beautification of ground-level LRT tracks and surrounding areas C3 Cianjhen Star Station of the LRT system, trains, and bicycle bridge C3 Cianjhen Star Station of the LRT system, trains, and bicycle bridge