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    Environmental Protection Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government Print
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    2016 National Cleaning WeekWoodwork repairThis Bureau contains: Air Pollution and Noise Control Division, Soil and Water Pollution Control Division, Environment Sanitation and Management Division, Management of Solid Waste Division, Comprehensive Planning Division, Environmental Inspection Division and Environmental Analysis Division, which are in charge of air pollution control, noise control, water pollution control, drinking water, soil and groundwater pollution control, toxic chemicals, environmental medicament, public toilet management, manure cleaning, ditches and canals dredging, massive solid wastes, vector control and environment disinfection, recycling, general industrial wastes, industrial wastes, evaluation of impact on environment, energy saving and carbon reduction, mediation and disposition of pollution disputes, sustainable development, environmental protection volunteers, environmental education, environmental inspection, and environmental analysis and monitor.

    Kaohsiung Public Bike rental station - Kaohsiung Main Public Library StationOutdoor disinfection for Dengue Fever preventionBasic educational training for environmental protection volunteers



    Ditch dredgingThere are many industrial parks located in Kaohsiung, and they are the core of economic development for Southern Taiwan. Since economic development was the first priority in the past, the environmental quality in Kaohsiung has been bad due to severe pollution problems, which is a serious issue that the government shall improve in the future. Our goal is build a home with clear sky and green land, green hills and clean water along with sustainable health.

    • (1)  Implementing air quality protection: Improving air quality, reducing pollutions to increase the protection of people's health.
    • (2)  Sustainable usage of water resource: Ensuring the safety of drinking water, improving water quality of rivers, and promoting the recycling and re-use of reclaimed water.
    • (3)  Building a comfortable living environment: Building a toxic-free environment, maintaining a clean living space and ensuring a peaceful living environment.
    • (4)  Building a low-carbon city: Drafting “Guidelines for the Development of Low-Carbon City of Kaohsiung,” building a eco-city with low-carbon living domain, implementing the promotion and coordination of current greenhouse gas control project, establishing long-term carbon rights trading, cooperating in overseas emission reduction, climate changes adaption projects, implementing Bonn Declaration, and becoming a new international environmental protection capital.