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    Research, Development and Evaluation Commission Print
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    Business Introduction

    This commission is in charge of the research and development of city administration, overall planning, control and evaluation, construction inspection, public service and information management. This commission also contains the functions of foresight and innovation, supporting service, promoting cross-domain cooperation and horizontal integration in city administration and construction. When comparing the “Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission” with enterprises or departments of a company, the commission is the combination of “research and development department,” “planning department,” “control department,” “evaluation department” and “customer complaint center.” The commission uses scientific method to conduct policy research and planning and controls, evaluates and tracks the implementation of all administrative projects through modern information equipments to provide foresight advices in decision-making. The public service function is enhanced by internet, which allowance administration efficiency and service functions to be electronic and further improve and strengthen the competitiveness of Kaohsiung.


    The vision of the commission is “optimizing government governance and improving administrative efficiency.” In the rapid changing society, the functions of a modern government are expending, and administrative measures shall respond to the change with active, foresight, professional and innovative methods. As the staff of the city government, the commission is responsible for administration research, overall planning, control and evaluation, construction evaluation, information management and joint service in city administration and construction. The commission will also uphold the innovative, active, foresight, and professional principles to play the staff roll of administration planning, research and evaluation in order to comprehensively improve government efficiency.