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    BOT Contract Signed for Aozihdi Parking Lot Project – Involving $2.3 Billion Private Fund and to be Completed in 2022 Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-06-04~2018-10-31
    • Update Time:2018-05-28 10:26
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    [Kaohsiung News] Contract for Aozihdi Parking Lot BOT Project is officially signed. According to Acting Mayor Hsu Li-Ming, Metropolitan Living Development Corporation will invest 2.3 billion NTD in the project, which is expected to provide Gushan Aozihdi area with a smart multistory public parking lot that can hold 600 small cars, 1100 scooters, and 40 bicycles by 2022. It will significantly benefit local development and help alleviate parking problems. 

    Contract for Kaohsiung City Aozihdi Parking Area 35 BOT Project launched by the Transportation Bureau was officially signed on April 26. Acting Mayor Hsu Li-Ming and Metropolitan Living Development Corporation’s Chairman Song Chen-Yong co-hosted the contract signing ceremony. Bureau chiefs from the city government, city councilors, and local residents attended the ceremony to witness the city government’s BOT contract signing with the private sector for the parking lot, which is expected to bring a new outlook for the city administration. 

    In his speech on the ceremony, Hsu stated that Aozihdi Forest Park is a popular leisure place for citizens. Apart from taking the MRT and the bus, the park is also accessible by driving or riding private vehicles. Most people who drive or ride to the park choose to park their vehicles at Aozihdi public parking lot. However, parking is hard to come by during weekends and mealtimes, which may spoil the mood of a leisure trip. To provide better parking quality and more parking spaces, the city government has adopted the BOT model of introducing private investment to increase public parking spaces without adding to the government’s financial burden. Creative private management is also introduced for sustainable operation. 

    Hsu stated that the new parking lot built under the BOT model will not only provide parking for cars, scooters, and bicycles, but also integrate with offices, cultural and creative bookstores, shopping malls, movie theaters, and food courts, hence boosting job opportunities in Kaohsiung City. This creates a win-win-win situation for the citizens, government, and operators. 

    Local residents’ expectations for the project have been taken into consideration, said Director-General Chen Ching-Fu of the Transportation Bureau, and numerous seminars were held starting from 2016 for this purpose. Public opinions were incorporated in the investment conditions and dealt with one by one in stages according to the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects. After nearly two years, the Metropolitan Living Development Corporation was finally selected as the best applicant. 

    Chen stated that the Metropolitan Living Development Corporation will build the complex under the BOT model. This complex consists of two buildings (a five-story building and a nine-story building) with three underground stories; these two buildings were connected by a skywalk. This project involves a 4-year construction period and a 46-year operation period. The city government will receive 530 million NTD in land rental, 500 million NTD in royalties, and 3.7 billion NTD in national and local taxes. 

    This parking lot is located at the intersection of Nanping Road and Shennong Road, which is currently Aozihdi public parking lot with an area of 8,375 square meters. During the negotiation, the Transportation Bureau and Metropolitan Living Development Corporation reached an accord that the Corporation shall maintain the existing services of Aozihdi public parking lot at the original prices and business hours from the time of land handover to the start of construction. After construction begins, information on newly established alternative parking lots, operated by private operators, in the surrounding areas will be announced to guarantee the public’s parking rights. 

    The Transportation Bureau stated that the successful experience of this project would be copied in the future. Continual evaluation and planning will be made on areas with greater parking needs in Kaohsiung City for the promotion of BOT parking lots, and single-level public parking lots will be converted to multistory parking lots to satisfy the parking needs of Kaohsiung citizens. 

    Division in charge: Parking Engineering Division Chief, Cai Yao-Ji 0972-965-733

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