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    Eye-Catching New Highlight in KMU Hospital Shopping District Launched – Large High-Tech Bus Shelter Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-12-07~2019-03-01
    • Update Time:2018-12-04 10:22
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    In order to improve the public transport system in Kaohsiung’s hospital areas, the Transportation Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government proposed to renovate the old bus stop located beside the Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU), transforming it into a larger and brightly-lit bus shelter to give passengers a comfortable space with lively and therapeutic designs and user-friendly seats. Other services such as real-time bus information, free 4G WiFi access, socket outlets for charging cellphones, and a huge LCD for real-time bus arrival information have also been made available. These thoughtful facilities created a brand new waiting space for bus passengers who marvel at and heap praises on this renovation.    

               Currently, there are 16 bus lines stopping at the KMU Hospital (Shihcyuan Road) stop. There have always been a vast amount of people traveling to the hospital to see a doctor or visit hospitalized friends. Besides, the bus demands of KMU teachers and students as well as people visiting the shopping district around the hospital need to be taken into consideration. As a result, the old bus shelters had become too decrepit and the waiting space too uncomfortable to meet the passengers’ needs. In order to improve the services provided for people waiting for buses there, the Transportation Bureau came up with an overall plan that complied with the local environment and the demand for public transport, and built a large bus shelter to make taking buses a more convenient and pleasant experience. Moreover, the consideration for urban aesthetics has also been incorporated into the design. The construction of the new bus shelter has recently been completed and it has been open to the public since.

               The Transportation Bureau pointed out that the KMU Hospital is an important hospital area in Kaohsiung. In addition to the huge number of people going to the hospital and the teachers and students of the Kaohsiung Medical University, there are also many people taking buses to the shopping district around the hospital to do shopping or see a movie. The design of the new waiting space includes facilities such as user-friendly seats, USB socket outlets for charging phones, and free 4G WiFi access. Besides, there is a large LCD to make it easier for elder patients to check the real-time bus arrival information and other information concerning their daily lives. A CCTV camera is also installed to enhance passenger safety around the bus waiting zone.

               Taking into account the amount of people traveling to the hospital, the designer of the new bus shelter incorporated aesthetic elements into the design. Panes of colored tempered glass have been used to make the walls and roofs of the shelters. Brilliant colors produced by this aesthetic visual design created a bright and colorful space that not only gives the passengers a pleasant feeling, but also changes the cold impression a hospital usually conveys. In the nighttime, elevated spotlights, in-ground recessed lighting and streamline LED belt lights in the roofs are used to create a warm atmosphere and contribute to the visual aesthetics of the place, making the bus shelter the latest highlight in the KMU Hospital shopping district.

               Huang Wan-Fa, Acting Director-General of the Transportation Bureau, said the new-fangled appearance of the bus shelter gives it a simple and modern look. More than just a place to wait for buses, it is also a large installation artwork on Kaohsiung’s streets, injecting new life into the shopping district around the hospital.

               A KMU student surnamed Li said, “There is a real-time bus information system and USB socket outlets in the new bus shelter, so I know when the buses will arrive with a quick glance and I can charge my phone while waiting for the buses. This is really convenient!” Ms. Chen who went to the hospital for her doctor’s appointment said, “The new bus shelter is much more spacious! There are more seats too. And there are also rails the elderly can hold on to. It is beautiful and useful.”

               To encourage more people to use public transport in order to reduce air pollution and reduce scooter accidents, the Transportation Bureau decided that as of October 1, people who travel on light rail trains, highway buses, or city buses and transfer to another city bus will be exempt from a one-section fare if they pay by an iPass. The Bureau also worked with the Institute of Transportation, MOTC to launch the “Men▶Go” monthly pass unprecedented in Taiwan. Passengers with this monthly pass can have limitless rides on MRT trains, buses, and light rail trains within 30 days after purchasing it. The improvement in both hardware and software of the public transport systems in Kaohsiung is expected to help create a friendly environment that is convenient for passengers.

    Contact person: Mr. Chen Rong-Huei, Chief of the Transportation Facility Division; mobile phone: 0972-319770