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    In the 2018 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle evaluation, Kaohsiung City’s Dashu Shuttle Bus Route and Harvard Express Line ranked 1st and 2nd among six cities Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-11-19~2018-12-31
    • Update Time:2018-11-05 11:43
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    The results of the 2018 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle assessment conducted by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, have been released. This year, the six major indicators were evaluated, including “hardware facilities and shuttle service affinity,” “friendly and easy to obtain tourism information,” “the link to sightseeing interface,” “marketing and promotion strategy,” “operation management,” and “progress of key tasks.” Kaohsiung Tourist Shuttle — Harvard Express Line and Dashu Shuttle Bus Route — won the first and second place among six cities. These two lines continuously offer shuttle services with quality recognized by the public.

    Huang, Wan-fa, Acting Director-general of the Transport Bureau, said that the Dashu Shuttle Bus Route and Harvard Express Line have joined the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle since 2013 and 2015 respectively. With the goal of providing “a whole new hospitality service,” the two routes not only actively strengthen foreign language services and provide a barrier-free accessibility reservation service, but also continuously operate and maintain the routes. The company’s internal management mechanism is optimized, the driver’s health management is well enhanced as well as the vehicle safety maintenance. Therefore, it provides a safer, more convenient and comfortable service to passengers. In the future, the transport operators will be required to improve the overall service quality continuously, and to improve the ride environment and enrich travel information, so that people can experience the honorable service and feel the deep hospitality during the journey.

    The Transportation Bureau illustrated that the public is welcome to take the “Dashu Shuttle Bus Route” from Fengshan Transfer Station to enjoy a light day trip in Dashu District. You can simply enjoy the leisurely countryside pace, experience DIY activities such as brick painting, litchi dyeing, hand-made pineapple cake, and so on. You can also write a wish card, hang on the blessing tree, and take on the Dash Route (also known as “Dashu Blessing Line”) to pray in the Buddha Museum, Fo Guang Shan Monastery; or, take the “Harvard Express Line” from the HSR Zuoying Station, and do not forget to draw lucky lots when you get on the bus. It only takes you 35 minutes to reach the famous Buddhist holy place — Fo Guang Shan Monastery — for a soul purification journey. In addition, when you are riding, do not forget to capture photos of the scenery, people, culture, ecology or any facilities with the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle LOGO (such as the logo on the shuttle bus and bus stop layout). There is a photography competition open to the public. In addition, the winner will not only get the prize, but the exclusive card commemorative package made by his/her submitted work. The deadline of submission will be until 15th, October. We welcome all of you to participate in the event. For details of the activity and the briefs, please visit the Facebook fan page of the Transportation Bureau (