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    Bus Service Upgrades! G-Bus Has Electric Buses Running on Six Routes from Now On Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-05-14~2018-09-30
    • Update Time:2018-05-14 09:32
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

     [Kaohsiung News] The Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau stated that, in addition to Route 50 Wufu Main Line that has started using electric buses since January, G-Bus (Great City Life Bus) is going to deploy electric buses on five other routes, including Route 52, Route 73, Route 62, Route 81 and Red 27 from now on. This represents a major step forward towards the goal of making Kaohsiung City a low-carbon city. The fast-charging electric buses only take 15 minutes to charge up. The low-floor design is convenient for passengers to get on and off the buses, and the buses make no noises while running, giving passengers a more pleasant journey.

    According to the Bureau, there are currently 77 electric buses in Kaohsiung City. Among the seven private bus operators, G-Bus has the largest number of electric buses (50 vehicles), followed by South Taiwan bus (14 vehicles), Kaohsiung Bus Group (11 vehicles), and Han-Cheng Bus (2 vehicles). To comply with the Executive Yuan’s policy goal of buses going all electric by 2030, G-Bus has expressed its commitment to introducing new models of electric buses in the future to replace old buses and converting into an all-electric fleet in four years at the earliest if the replacement goes smooth. By that time, G-Bus will be running all of its routes with electric buses.

    According to the Bureau, electric buses are generally low-floor, with air suspension system and wheelchair ramp, making the rides quieter and more comfortable especially for elder and physically challenged passengers. The public are welcome to ride on the electric buses and experience the comfort for themselves. Currently, in addition to NT$ 3 discount on bus fare for MRT transfers, passengers travelling on Kaohsiung buses with an iPass may also enjoy free travel on city buses from the third trip onwards in a day and a maximum bus fare of NT$ 60 for intercity buses. The Transportation Bureau has further introduced the monthly bus pass for “Unlimited City Bus Trips and oBike Discounts” on April 1. The monthly pass (not applicable to intercity buses (Routes 8XXX), express buses, medical buses, cultural buses, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes, and routes not within the jurisdiction of the city government) covers unlimited city bus travel for adult and student passengers at NTD 479 and NTD 399, respectively. The first 1000 passengers to purchase the bus passes each month from April to July can receive three free passwords for half-hour oBike rides. Passengers can buy the monthly pass at any MRT station in Kaohsiung City. The Bureau reminds passengers to swipe their cards when getting on and off buses, or they will need to pay an extra fee to unlock their cards.

    For more information, please contact Huang Sin-Ying, Chief of Transportation Management Division, at 0963111812.