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    "Follow the Colors" Guidelines Resolve Nanzih District’s “Bermuda Triangle” - Kaohsiung City Government Pioneers Nation's First Color Traffic Management Guidelines Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-06-11~2018-12-28
    • Update Time:2018-06-11 10:23
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    [Kaohsiung News] The Kaohsiung City Government's pioneering "Follow the Colors!" traffic management guidelines allow motorcycle riders to simply reference colors to effectively ameliorate the issue of going the wrong way on the Nanzih grade seperation, ridding the road of its own “Bermuda Triangle” myth. Now, with this simple, effective improvement to local traffic, the "Follow the Colors" guidelines allows everyone smoothly to reach their destinations.

    In 2018, the Transportation Bureau implemented new guidelines for road markers to solve the issue of the Nanzih grade seperation 's "Bermuda Triangle". By assigning different colors to different destinations on road markers, motorcycle riders can simply follow the colors, thus providing an even safer driving environment.

    The Transportation Bureau's plan has assigned the following colors to different locations to effectively guide drivers and riders: Yellow indicates the Qiaotou and Gangshan districts; blue indicates the Nanzih Export Processing Zone; brown indicates the Nanzih Train Station; and orange indicates Minzu 1st Road. The Bureau also reminds drivers and riders to reduce their speed when driving on those roads to maintain a safe driving environment for everyone.

    A student surnamed Chen said, "To get from the city center to National Kaohsiung Marine University, you just have to follow the blue (markers) towards the (Nanzih) Export Processing Zone to reach the campus. Even people who aren't familiar with the roads can get there without getting lost. It gets rid of the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ problem. It's really convenient!"

    For car drivers, the Transportation Bureau stated that they have already replaced 33 large road signs and will change the large road signs on both the Nanzih and Nanyang grade seperation, allowing them to receive all the necessary information at first glance. Drivers will immediately judge where to go, and thereby improves road safety.

    (Contact Office: Traffic Engineering Division Chief Li Chi-Ching. Cell: 0963-599-596)