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    "Take the Ferry to Cijin on the New Ferry Line!" Ferry Now Connects KW2 and Cijin; Joins KW2, Cijin, and Hamasen Tourism Areas Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-07-13~2018-08-31
    • Update Time:2018-07-09 09:53
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    [Kaohsiung News] The Kaohsiung City Government has tied together the Pier-2 Art Center, Cijin, and Hamasen Tourism Area for tourists with the new direct ferry line to Cijin. With the Kaohsiung City Shipping Company's new Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No. 2 (KW2) to Cijin Ferry Line operating on weekends and all summer, the three major tourist areas mentioned above have effectively been linked together.

      While addressing reporters, Kaohsiung Mayor Hsu Li-Ming encouraged residents to use their electronic stored value cards to ride on Asia's very first electric ferry to Cijin to have some fun. Mayor Hsu Li-Ming said that the electric ferry is the greenest, most environmentally friendly means of travel and links riders to the light rail at the Pier 2 Station. Riders can also take bicycles on the ferry to Cijin to enjoy its unparalleled scenery. It is truly the best way for travel and leisure.

      Minister of Transportation Tan Ho-Chen specifically took the time to come down to Kaohsiung to participate in the opening ceremony event. He highly praised the city government and Taiwan International Ports Corporation's cooperation in using their public authority to implement good deeds for the city. He went on to say that riding the electric ferry was the best way to protect the environment of tourist destinations. This new form of green living joined industry development, concepts, and determination, as well as promoted and acknowledged the building of zero-pollution forms of transportation.

    The Transportation Bureau stated that the new KW2-Cijin Ferry Line will only operate from 11:00 to 20:00 on weekends and holidays in 30 minute intervals. However, it will have the same hours every day during the summer. After passengers purchase tickets, they can enjoy the surrounding area and use the port waiting area 10 minutes prior to the ship docking.

      The KW2-Cijin Ferry Line costs NT$40, but riders can enjoy a NT$20 discount by using their electronic stored value cards. KW2 is also promoting the "Visit KW2, See Cijin Free!" deal. Until the end of August, people who spend more than NT$1000 in KW2 will receive two free ferry tickets to Cijin.

    The Transportation Bureau stated that KW2-Cijin Ferry Line joins the abovementioned three tourist areas, and in the future full tickets will be available for transportation connecting Hamasen, Cijin shopping area, KMRT, and light rail. This will allow riders of the KMRT or light rail go to Hamasen or KW2 quickly, conveniently, and with high cost-performance ratio, to enjoy the rich local culture and gourmet food of the area.

      The Kaohsiung City Shipping company stated that the revitalized, century old KW2 integrates its special, historical attributes to create a cultural and demonstration space rich in Kaohsiung harbor's local culture and food. It has already become the latest bright point in the Asia's New Bay Area, and a favorite among travelers to Taiwan. With the help of the Taiwan International Ports Corporation and the Kaohsiung Port Land Development Company, the KW2-Cijin Ferry Line will be operational before the start of the Dragon Boat Festival.

     Transportation to KW2:

    KMRT: A 3-minute walk from Sizihwan Station exit 2

    LRT: A 3-minute walk from Penglai Pier-2 Station or Hamasen Station

    Buses: Take bus number 50 (Wufu Express Line), 99, 219, Xicheng Express, 248, Orange 1, or Hamasen Culture Bus,  to  the Sizihwan KMRT Station, and then walk 3 minutes.

    The Transportation Bureau stated that for related details on ferry times, please check the Kaohsiung City Shipping Company's official website ( or call its Sales and Marketing Department at (07) 226-2888

    For relevant bus information, please check the Transportation Bureau's official Kaohsiung City Bus website ( or call the Transportation Bureau at (07) 229-9825