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    Renwu Dawan General Activity Center will operate at the end of October Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-11-12~2019-03-31
    • Update Time:2018-11-05 11:29
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    • Publishing Unit:Public Works Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    Located in the lush green park of Renwu District, the modern green building, Dawan Comprehensive Activity Center, has integrated the needs of the community and the open green space design of the park and obtained the license for use on 5th September, 2018. After opening, it can not only provide a high-quality leisure activity gathering area for citizens, but also be regarded as the best place for multi-purpose use.

    Mayor Hsu said that with the development pace in Renwu District, the population of Dawan has continued to increase. Thus, the request for good living quality and outdoor activities from residents has been increasing. The city government has re-planned the overall public facilities through the urban planning and the land readjustment implementation. The plan not only greatly improves the surrounding environment, but also increases the willingness of neighboring residents to use the public facilities. In Kaohsiung city, Dawan Comprehensive Activity Center is unique in combining the open green space of the park and the building. Sitting in the reading room on the second floor, you will gain the best view of landscape from the large greenery. The overall space planning starts from the park. By using the hiding and integrating design concept, the ecological environment is connected to the green forest landscape, giving the base a deeper spiritual feel. This activity center is located in Dafeng Park. When natural disasters or emergencies occur, it can be combined with the park as a disaster prevention park and a temporary shelter space.

    Chief of Dawan Village, Hsieh Wei-yuan, also explained that after the completion of the activity center, it can be the space for various activities such as a mother’s classroom, reading room, etc., so that residents have more opportunities to participate in the community and interactive exchanges, and moreover, enhance their sense of identity with the neighborhood.

    According to the Construction Office, Dawan Comprehensive Activity Center is located on the east side of Dafeng Park. It is a two-storied building on the ground. The total area of the main building is about 286 sq ft. The first floor contains the spaces for the elderly care, the mother’s classroom, and the patrol team. The second floor is mainly designed for the interaction with the public, including an activity place and a simple reading room. The whole building can serve various kinds of activities such as study, courses, meetings, networking, leisure and entertainment. The barrier-free facilities and the elderly care bases are also introduced to meet the needs of the aging community in Taiwan. This center enhances the community’s diversified public activity space as well as meets the needs of local community development. As a result, it benefits all citizens.

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