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    Measure of Turning Right from Slow-Lane Improves Safety and Smoothness at Intersections Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-08-17~2018-12-30
    • Update Time:2018-08-06 11:12
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    [Kaohsiung News] Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government has recently implemented effective measures at the City’s major road sections, such as prohibiting right turns from the fast traffic lane and the abolition of markings between fast and slow traffic lanes near intersections, which have effectively reduced accidents between right-turning cars from fast traffic lanes and motorcycles. In particular, the accident rate at the intersection of Mincyuan 2nd Road and Ersheng 2nd Road in Cianjhen District has gone down from 20% to 5%, with a drop of up to 75%.

    To improve the driving safety of motorcycles and bicycles, the Transportation Bureau implemented measures at major road sections, including the prohibition of right turns from the fast traffic lane and the abolition of separation lines between fast and slow traffic lanes near intersections. As a result, automobiles must change to the right lane first before turning right, avoiding a sudden right turn at the intersection and colliding with vehicles going straight.

    According to the Transportation Bureau, taking the recent improvement project on urban avenues such as Mincyuan Road and Jhonghua Road for example, the accident rate of right-turning cars colliding with through motorcycles or bicycles at the Mincyuan Road intersection has gone down from 10.2% to 7.1%, or about a 30% drop; at the Jhonghua Road intersection, the rate has reduced from 15.3% to 11.4%, or about a 26% drop. Among the twenty intersections where the project was implemented, the most significant reduction was recorded at the Mincyuan 2nd Road and the Ersheng 2nd Road intersections, with a drop of up to 75%.

    In the early days, major avenues in Kaohsiung City were designated with spacious traffic dividers between fast and slow traffic lanes, not only can beautify the city landscape, but also separate the driving space for cars and motorcycles. When approaching an intersection, the turning vehicle must give way to the vehicles going straight by regulation; otherwise, it is easy to cause collisions.

    To simplify traffic flow at the intersection and allow drivers more focus on the situation ahead of the vehicle, the Transportation Bureau re-planned the movement pattern of right-turning cars from the fast traffic lane, guiding the vehicle to enter the slow traffic lane ahead of time, then making the turn at the intersection in sequence. With guidance from traffic signs and markings, the public can pass the intersection more easily and safely.

    The Transportation Bureau further explained that even on a road without a traffic divider, the markings between fast and slow traffic lanes would be successively abolished around 30 to 60 meters from the intersection. It reminded drivers to follow the regulations, changing to the right lane ahead of time in an orderly way, so that motorcycles and bicycles can be alert to cars at the intersections. This measure will gradually extend to the whole city in coordination with road projects, reducing the chance of collisions between vehicles turning right and going straight, to significantly improve urban traffic safety. 

    At present, there are still drivers turning right from the fast traffic lane illegally. The Transportation Bureau is urging drivers to turn right from the slow traffic lane to ensure safety; it will also ask the police department to assist in law enforcement, to deepen awareness of safe driving concepts in the public.

    Contact person: Li Ci-Ching, Traffic Engineering Division Chief, 0963-599596