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    Classified Training Sessions for Kaohsiung’s Taxi Drivers, The Tourism Ambassadors in Preparation for the Arrival of Overseas Tourists Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-12-11~2019-03-01
    • Update Time:2018-12-04 10:31
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    (Kaohsiung news) The annual training sessions for Kaohsiung’s taxi drivers have become available as of November 1. In response to the increasing number of overseas visitors to Taiwan and the huge amount of cruises docking at Kaohsiung harbor, a team of professional English teachers is employed to help local taxi drivers become Kaohsiung’s tourism ambassadors by improving their skills in the following three aspects: making basic English conversations, improving service quality, and introducing Kaohsiung’s tourist attractions.

    Huang Wan-Fa, Acting Director-General of the Transportation Bureau, said as the number of overseas visitors to Taiwan keeps growing, Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s harbor city, has become these tourists’ favorite destination. Special attention has been paid to the international tourist cruisers arriving at Kaohsiung harbor. In order to provide quality shuttle taxi services to these passengers, Kaohsiung City launched the first-of-its-kind shuttle service by having ten top taxi companies take shifts to carry passengers in the regulated harbor zones under their self-managed schedules. This connecting service is definitely the best choice for these cruise passengers. To enhance the quality of the services offered by these “driver ambassadors” who are on the front line to greet visitors, the Kaohsiung City Government became the first local authority to implement the relevant licensing system. The number of taxi drivers attending these training sessions has grown from 122 people in the first year to 1300 people last year. Considering the rising market demand and business opportunities, more drivers are expected to act on their own initiatives to sign up for these sessions.

    This year, the special focus is on the drivers who already have a basic understanding of English. They are offered intermediate or advanced level courses taught by native speakers to give them the opportunity to get used to different accents. Emphasis is also put on enacting different scenarios for these drivers to learn to react appropriately under different circumstances, in the hope that when they interact with overseas tourists in the future, they will be less anxious and thus be able to hold conversations smoothly. The statistics show that tourist taxi services enable each driver to give at least 30 more rides every month.

    Tourist taxi service is one of the four service innovations in Kaohsiung. It is hoped that the changes made to the taxi services can help develop a “blue ocean” model which is different from the past and which will allow the cab industry to undergo a successful transformation. When these taxi drivers develop their differentiated features, they will not be worried about external competitions. Instead, they can display the advantages of local taxi drivers to attract more foreign tourists to Taiwan, while being able to communicate in English without any difficulty, and offer effective assistance. This will be the most important improvement in the quality of taxi services and also the best demonstration of Taiwan’s soft power.

    Division in charge: Transportation Supervision Division
    Contact person: Mr. Su Jyun-Cin, Division Head
    Phone Number: 0963-111-811