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    MRT Yellow Line Pilot Bus - Yellow 2 Bus Will be the First to Operate Leapfrogging Bus Stops Makes Commuting Fast and Convenient Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-05-04~2018-10-31
    • Update Time:2018-04-23 10:15
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    [Kaohsiung news] The Kaohsiung City Government Transportation Bureau has stated that the Kaohsiung MRT Yellow Line is expected to be completed by 2024. To cultivate passengers and traffic volume so that passengers are familiar with the Yellow Line route, the Yellow 2 bus will be going into operation starting on April 1. The Transportation Bureau hopes that by providing more convenient and faster public transportation, a commuter group and traffic volume can be cultivated for the MRT Yellow Line. 

    The Transportation Bureau indicates that the MRT Yellow Line runs in a “人” shape and the Yellow 2 bus route runs along the “人” shape lower path that passes by the Chang Gung Hospital, Chengcing Lake, the City Government Fongshan Administrative Center, Weiwuying, City Council, and the Wujia Shopping District. The Transportation Bureau expects to open the Yellow 1 bus route on July 1, which will run along the “人” top path that passes the Chang Gung Hospital, Chengcing Lake, the Jiangong Shopping District, the City Government Sihwei Center, Sanduo Shopping District, and the Asia’s New Bay Area. 

    The Yellow 2 bus will be operated by Gangdu Bus and the operating times will be from 06:00 to 22:00 during weekdays. The bus starting station will be the Cianjhen Senior High School and the terminal station will be the Jhongcheng Rd. intersection. During peak hours, the interval between buses will be 10 - 15 minutes and during off-peak hours, the interval between buses will be 20 – 35 minutes. A portion of the buses will be operating in a leapfrog mode that can save transportation time by 20%. The Transportation Bureau believes that this bus will become a convenient and fast transportation mode for commuters. 

    The Transportation Bureau states that the Yellow 2 bus is expected to utilize the fast-charging low-floor Type A electric buses. The buses have low floors and are equipped with air cushion suspension and wheelchair ramps. This makes it convenient for the elderly and people with physical disabilities to use the buses, and provides a clean and environmentally friendly public transportation environment for Kaohsiung residents and travelers. 

    To give the public a better understanding of the convenience of this bus route, the Transportation Bureau organized a Yellow 2 bus promotion event at Chang Gung Hospital on March 30 to promote the April 1 route opening news. The event attracted the attention of people who were seeking medical attention at Chang Gung Hospital. Questions people were concerned with included the bus operating hours and intervals between buses. An attendee by the surname of Chen stated, “Taking the bus makes commuting to Chang Gung easier, and you don’t have to fight for a parking space.”