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    Kaohsiung impresses Thai visitors with high-quality tourism services Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-10-16~2019-01-31
    • Update Time:2018-10-11 10:28
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    After Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau held a promotional event in Dec. 2017 in Thailand, many Internet celebrities visited Kaohsiung. This year, a similar activity will take place, introducing “K.P.P. Pass” which includes transport and accommodation offers to Thai people. The Bureau expects more Thai visitors to come to Kaohsiung, as Thai media and Internet celebrities help to promote the city. 
    Orchestra's lively opening
    Go to Bangkok for promotion
    Through the staff, the Thai people can impress Kaohsiung
    Signing a memorandum of sightseeing cooperation
    Director Zeng particularly emphasized that Kaohsiung’s attractions include nature, religion and modern architecture.
    Introducing Kaohsiung's safe and quality accommodation and sightseeing resources