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    Kaohsiung City Shipping Company is now selling “Golden Triangle – Waterfront Tourism Pass” Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-09-28~2018-01-08
    • Update Time:2017-09-25 13:46
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    • Publishing Unit:Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    Kaohsiung City Shipping Company’s “Golden Triangle – Waterfront Tourism Pass” allows visitors to enjoy the waterfront city at a friendly price.

    To let everyone enjoy Cijin, Hamasen (Sizihwan), and Singuang Ferry Wharf, the Golden Triangle of the Port of Kaohsiung, economically and cleverly, Kaohsiung City Shipping Company offers economical Waterfront Tourism Pass – Golden Triangle. It can be used by more than one person. To let more visitors explore Kaohsiung more deeply and fall in love with Kaohsiung, ferry tickets originally sold at NT$400 now only cost NT$258. As the service of the waterside Light Rail was extended to the Pier-2 Art Center, there are more and more ways to go to Cijin. To visit Cijin, travelers can take the Light Rail to the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (Singuang Ferry Wharf), and then take holiday Singuang-Cijin Ferry. Alternatively, they can take the MRT to Sizihwan, and then take the ferry from Gushan Ferry Pier to Cijin. Moreover, by taking the Light Rail, they can visit Dream Mall and Pier-2 Art Center before taking the ferry from Singuang Ferry Wharf or Sizihwan to Cijin. The waterside Light Rail and MRT, together with ferry services, allow everyone to enjoy Asia's New Bay Area, Pier-2 Art Center, Sizihwan, and Cijin.


    In addition to the introduction to the culture, history, and travel information of Cijin, Hamasen (Sizihwan), and Singuang Ferry Wharf, four types of offers are included in the Golden Triangle Tourism Pass, according to Kaohsiung City Shipping Company. Travelers can explore the Golden Triangle indicated on the tourist map of the Port of Kaohsiung with discounted ferry tickets. The smart travel itinerary shares how to enjoy Cijin with everyone. Travelers can also get discounts at dozens of shops offering local dishes and discounted tickets for popular attractions in Kaohsiung such as Amphibious Bus, Sightseeing Double Decker Bus, Solar-Powered Love Boat, and Kaohsiung 85 Observatory.


    The Waterfront Tourism Pass contains ferry tickets worthy of NT$400 and it only costs NT$258. Included in the Waterfront Pass are four Cijin - Gushan ferry tickets available for passengers or motorcycles, four Cijin - Gushan ferry tickets available for bicycles (two tickets could be exchanged for one ticket for passengers or motorcycles), and two Singuang- Cijin ferry tickets. While other tourism passes are for single person use only or have an expiry date, Golden Triangle Waterfront Tourism Pass allows people to travel together. It can be used by more than one person and has no expiry date. People who are planning to visit Kaohsiung or people who have friends or families visiting Kaohsiung are recommended to preorder the Waterfront Tourism Pass. The Waterfront Tourism Pass is available at Singuang Ferry Wharf, Gushan Ferry Pier and Cijin Ferry Pier. Passengers can also book the tickets online and collect the tickets at the stations.


    This Pass, a product of collaboration with the Department of Marketing Management of Shu-Te University, is the first waterfront tourism pass from Kaohsiung City Shipping Company. The booklet contains adorable illustrations depicting attractions around the Port of Kaohsiung. Read it closely, and you will find many delightful comic-style illustrations of Kaohsiung attractions. It’s not only a ferry ticket package, but also a valuable collection.


    For booking and other information or to buy 20 Waterfront Tourism Passes or more, please call (07)226-2888 and contact the operation department. Travelers can also visit Kaohsiung City Shipping Company’s official website and Facebook fan page for more information.