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    Transportation Bureau and police stations conduct road inspections in Ziguan District and continue to improve accident-prone roads Print
    • Publishing Date:2022-05-20~2022-07-31
    • Update Time:2022-05-10 15:41
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    [Kaohsiung News] Following the inspections of the accident-prone road sections in Gangshan District, Renwu District, Nanzi District and Fengshan District last month, the Transportation Bureau and the police stations went to Ziguan District and Luzhu District to conduct inspections for road safety improvement on the 7th. The improvement plan has been researched and discussed by analyzing the causes and types of accidents. The Transportation Bureau also urges the public to follow the traffic rules, stay focused while driving and ensure driving safety.
    According to statistics, there were 13 A2 (injured) cases at the intersection of Dashe S. Rd., Dashe N. Rd., Dashe E. Rd. and Dashe W. Rd. in Ziguan District in the past three years; 1 A2 (injured) case at the intersection of Xinyi Rd. and Ln. 293, Xinyi Rd. in Luzhu District last year. Common causes of accidents are failing to give way in accordance with the rules and regulations, traffic signal and control violations, etc. The main type of accidents is side collision and the vehicles used in the injured cases are mainly scooters.
    Provincial Highway 17 and Provincial Highway 19 intersect at the intersection of Dashe S. Rd., Dashe N. Rd., Dashe E. Rd. and Dashe W. Rd. Given the high traffic volume of the two roads, in order to address left turn problems, the Transportation Bureau started to apply leading left-turn signal phasing on January 4 this year. However, the public wasn’t familiar with the leading signal. After research and discussion, the Transportation Bureau will adjust the phase and interval of the signal at the intersection from the original leading phase for westbound traffic to the three-phase separate movement for both eastbound and westbound traffic to give clear instructions on signal lights to drivers making turns. In addition, to maintain a safe environment at the intersection for pedestrians, the Transportation Bureau will set up additional pedestrian signals, along with relevant improvement, by April 10. The police stations will allocate additional forces to clear traffic at the intersection, so as to be responsive to the situation when people are getting used to the road in the initial adjustment period. The Construction Section of the Third Maintenance Office of the Directorate General of Highways will also narrow the crosswalk on the south side of the intersection within a week to increase the sight distance of drivers making turns and improve pedestrian safety.
    As for the improvement of the intersection of Xinyi Rd., Jinping Rd. and Ln. 293, Xinyi Rd. in Luzhu District, since the markings of the intersection have been adjusted at the end of March this year to reduce the width of the intersection, the guide lines of the intersection of Xinyi Rd. and Jinping Rd. will be fine-tuned in today’s inspection to avoid westbound traffic on Jinping Rd. accidentally going to the left-turn lane of Xinyi Road; on the northbound lane of Xinyi Road, a scooter parking area will be added. The markings of Ln. 293 of Xinyi Rd. will be adjusted to be orthogonal to Xinyi Rd.; direction signs will be added to the approach road that leads to Ln. 293 after going south from Xinyi Rd. and making a right turn. It is hoped that by adjusting the markings of the intersection and giving clear instructions on traffic direction, the traffic at the intersection will be less messy and road safety will be improved.
    Director-General Chang Shu-chuan of the Transportation Bureau also said that in order to create a safe road environment, the Transportation Bureau will continue to improve construction and law enforcement related to accident-prone roads. She calls on citizens to abide by the traffic rules and regulations, slow down at intersections, and exercise extra caution around pedestrians and vehicles. Only by staying vigilant can we return home safely and create a new traffic safety culture in Kaohsiung.