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    2022 World Earth Day Come Experience Zero-carbon Green Transportation with QR Payment in Kaohsiung Print
    • Publishing Date:2022-06-24~2022-12-30
    • Update Time:2022-06-13 18:02
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    [Kaohsiung News]"Kaohsiung citizens are truly lucky!" said Chang Shu-Chuan, Director-General of the Transportation Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government, adding that from April 22, 2022 to the end of the year, citizens riding on public buses and paying through QR code are eligible to enjoy a full rebate on their bus fare. What’s more, companies are responding in kind: by scanning and renting YouBike 2.0, users get to ride the first 30 minutes free of charge every Friday; iPASS is increasing a number of benefits and deals; shared transport operators UrDa, Gokube, and iRent have also successively launched their exclusive promotions. At the same time, to echo the "Green Friday QR Carbon Reduction Fun" campaign, Chang announced that the MeN Go promotion will last until the end of 2022, so that residents of the city can enjoy a wonderful weekend, every week!
    Chang pointed out that Kaohsiung is currently the most diverse city in the country in terms of transport options, with MRT, Kaohsiung Light Rail, buses, ferries, Youbike 2.0 and shared electric scooters readily available. Thanks to the strong support from the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), Kaohsiung now has 195 electric low-floor buses in operation as of the end of March this year, accounting for 20% of the total number of electric buses, making it the "No. 1 city in Taiwan" in terms of the proportion of electric buses. Kaohsiung is also leading the nation as the first city in Taiwan to adopt the advanced model T EV bus made by Foxtron to operate on the road.
    Chang noted that the city’s initiative to launch QR code payment on city buses last year was well received by the public and on World Earth Day 2022, the city will again offer free rides on city buses, coupled with free YouBike 2.0 rentals for the first 30 minutes every Friday from April 22 to the end of the year with the use of a rider code. She also thanked the transport operators in the city for their steadfast support by offering deals to users.
      Tsai Meng-Yu, Director of the Department of Air Quality Protection and Noise Control of the EPA, pointed out that the central and local governments have made concerted efforts to promote various air pollution prevention strategies in recent years and Kaohsiung is definitely not lagging behind in improving air pollution. According to the statistics, from April to November of 2021, Kaohsiung's electric buses traveled a total of 5.5 million kilometers, which translates into a reduction of about 1,120 metric tons of CO2 equivalent, contributing significantly to improving Kaohsiung's air quality; the EPA is committed to promoting the goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050.
      The MOTC added that it appreciates Kaohsiung's efforts to achieve the goal of full electrification in 2030 and the establishment of a public transportation system, making Kaohsiung the city with the most diverse public transportation and the leading city in Taiwan in providing intelligent electronic payment services. The  MOTC also applauded the city for launching the MeN Go Monthly Pass, which integrates MRT, light rail, bus, ferry and YouBike 2.0 to provide quality and convenient transportation services to the public.
      The Transportation Bureau stated that in response to World Earth Day 2022, it is launching a series of "Green Friday QR Carbon Reduction Fun" promotions, which include full rebates for using QR codes to pay for bus rides, with the first 30 minutes free for YouBike 2.0 rentals with a QR scan and exclusive 7-ELEVEN coupons for using the iPASS Money rider code for public transportation, as well as the chance to win a limited edition PUI PUI iPASS card. For shared transport, the public can get a free 25-minute credit for a 60-minute ride with UrDa, a NT$50 credit for three lucky winners with Gokube and a free 15-minute credit for Friday rentals with every 30-minute ride on iRent every Wednesday.
    In addition, the MeNGo monthly pass price reduction and discount will last until the end of 2022. Please check the official website of each operator or the FB Facebook fan group. (; 轉動高雄青春夢-高雄市政府交通局) for related information.