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    The Donghuan Section of the Kaohsiung Light Rail now has linked traffic signs. Drivers are reminded to pay attention to the protected left-turn phase. Print
    • Publishing Date:2024-02-20~2025-01-19
    • Update Time:2024-02-19 11:10
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    • Publishing Unit:高雄市政府交通局
    • Publisher:智慧運輸中心

    In response to the Donghuan Section of the Kaohsiung Light Rail reaching completion and officially opening to traffic, the Kaohsiung City government's Transportation Bureau has installed traffic light linkage signs at nine intersections along the route. These signs serve as reminders to drivers that they can only turn right or go straight before the left turn sign turns on.

    Drivers who illegally turn left or right and collide with light rail trains are the most common, according to the Transportation Bureau, based on previous light rail operation experience. The Donghuan Section of the Kaohsiung Light Rail corridor is located in the inner lane of Dashun Road. Illegal left turns are expected to be a major source of conflict. To regulate turning, arrow signs have been added to traffic lights at intersections where the light rail trains pass through, and traffic light linkage information signs have been installed at intersections along the route where left turns are permitted.

    The signs are located at the far end of horizontal traffic lights, on the right side of the traffic lights in the direction of traffic. Simple and easy-to-understand words and an eye-catching direction guide are used with red letters on a black background to remind drivers that they can only go straight or turn right before the left turn sign turns on. This increases efficiency and safety when passing through intersections.

    To ensure one's own and others' safety, the Transportation Bureau urges drivers to obey traffic light instructions when driving through the light rail intersections and to pay attention to light rail traffic status.

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