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    Kaohsiung Hosts French Festival and Dragon Boat Activities This Weekend: Mayor Chen Extends Invitation to All Print
    • Publishing Date:2024-06-14~2025-06-14
    • Update Time:2024-07-11 14:46
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    • Publishing Unit:高雄市政府新聞局

    [Kaohsiung News] In the municipal administrative meeting on June 4, Mayor Chen Chi-mai unveiled plans for an exciting collaboration between the Kaohsiung City Government, the French Office in Taipei, and the Association des Français de Taiwan. From June 7th to June 9th, the city will host the inaugural "Kaohsiung French Festival" at the Pier-2 Art Center's Dayi Warehouse and Dayi Park. This event,steeped in French flair, invites everyone join in the festivities.

    During the Dragon Boat Festival, which took place on a long weekend from June 8th to 10th, Mayor Chen announced a series of festive activities.To ensure a successful event, the city government, in collaboration with local shopping districts and the hospitality industry, will roll out special discounts to welcome visitors from near and far. Furthermore, Mayor Chen tasked each responsible unit to conduct a thorough cleanup in public spaces and tourist attractions under its jurisdiction. To ensure smooth traffic flow during the events, he instructed the Transportation Bureau and the Police Department to maintain traffic order at key road sections.

    On the growing popularity of water recreational spots amid rising temperatures, Mayor Chen underscored the need for safety measures. He instructed the Education Bureau and the Fire Bureau to run a campaign to enhance public safety awareness of dangerous water bodies and prevent drowning incidents.

    Mayor Chen also reaffirmed the city's commitment to achieving net-zero emissions targets by 2050. He called for collaborative efforts between the government, citizens, businesses and organizations to reduce greenhouse gases, develop negative emissions technologies, and foster international cooperation. Mayor Chen urged all departments to incorporate carbon reduction thinking into their policies and operations. He tasked the Environmental Protection Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Public Works Bureau, Economic Development Bureau, Agriculture Bureau, and Urban Development Bureau with planning featuring net-zero, such as applying for carbon credits, implementing carbon footprint/carbon reduction labels, and enhancing building energy efficiency disclosures. Mayor Chen further requested the Environmental Protection Bureau to soon delegate guidance and consultation offering on net-zero and carbon credit project applications to professional teams and experts and scholars.

    Before the meeting, Mayor Chen presented awards to honor Kao-Yuan Vocational High School of Technology & Commerce, which won the championship in the "2024 Wang Chen-Chih Cup National Youth Baseball Tournament," and Youchang Junior High School, which won the runner-up in the "2023-2024 High School Football League Girls' Futsal" and third place in the "2023-2024 High School Football League 11-a-side Boys' Football Series A." He commended the athletes for their dedication and outstanding achievements, sharing the glory with all citizens.

    During the meeting, the Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics and the Department of Health delivered updates on food prices and food safety inspections for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. Both reports indicated no instances of price gouging, with all inspection results meeting regulatory standards. The Department of Health is to work on food safety monitoring to ensure public health and well-being. Mayor Chen also noted, commodity prices fundamentally matter to citizens’ life, especially with the festival approaching. He urged relevant authorities to monitor their fluctuations closely and devise swift countermeasures to stabilize them.

    On the topic of food safety, Mayor Chen highlighted the Department of Health’s "Dragon Boat Project," which entails expanded sampling of seasonal foods, totaling 185 items—an increase of 32% compared to last year. He instructed the Department to release a press release on the project's sampling results before the festival, continuing to robust inspections and information disclosure for high-risk foods of concern. Mayor Chen reiterated the importance of food safety and peace of mind for consumers during the festival period.


    Image caption:

    1 Mayor Chen gives directives on a variety of municipal affairs to responsible departments during the meeting.

    2-3 Mayor Chen bestows awards upon Kao-Yuan Vocational High School of Technology & Commerce for securing the championship title in the "2024 Wang Chen-Chih Cup National Youth Baseball Tournament."

    4-5 Mayor Chen presents awards to Youchang Junior High School for winning the runner-up in the "2023-2024 Highschool Football League Girls' Futsal" and third place in the "2023-2024 Highschool Football League 11-a-side Boys' Football Series A".

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