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    “Pioneering Work!” The Transportation Bureau Has Completed Establishment of the City’s First Traffic Calming Zone in 'Riverbank Community' Print
    • Publishing Date:2019-08-02~2019-08-31
    • Update Time:2019-07-22 10:11
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    【Kaohsiung News】”Wow! Walking in the community can be so relaxing, safe and enjoyable” The Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government has completed establishment of the city’s first traffic calming zone in Riverbank community to effectively improve the order of the community’s traffic and build a peaceful environment. Cheng Yung Hsiang, Director-General of the Transportation Bureau stated that the establishment of traffic calming zone in Riverbank community has already produced initial results. In the future it will continue to expand to other suitable areas with 'neighborhoud' as its unit.
    The Transportation Bureau pointed out that Riverbank community is a well-developed and thriving community. The roads and streets in the district have been thoughtfully designed along with smooth sidewalks and arcade space for pedestrians to traverse. The community is surrounded with lush greenery and stylish architecture, and it features a laid-back atmosphere. After consideration of the area's unity, the north of Mingcheng 2nd Road, south of Tiansiang 2nd Road, west of Minzu 1st Road and east of Heti Road were selected to constitute the traffic calming zone. A speed limit of 30 kph has been set on its main roads and community access roads. Traffic signs have been placed in the zone to remind passing drivers to slow down. Marked sidewalks have been tailored in light of pedestrians; directions of movement, so the residents can go for a leisurely stroll in the community.
    The local neighborhood chief, Jhang Jisyong noted that in the past the vast majority of vehicle traffic that was passing through Riverbank community came from other places. Their driving speed was alarming. With the establishment of traffic calming zone, residents can walk more safely and traffic has become more orderly.
    “It’s great! With the set up of the traffic signs, markings and speed limit, community residents can feel a noticeable difference in road traffic safety. No more road hogs, and it’s much quieter. I can take a stroll comfortably in the community.” Mr. Liou, a long-term resident of Riverbank community commented. 
    Cheng Yung Hsiang, Director-General of the Transportation Bureau added that with the comprehensive planning of traffic calming zone, reducing the speed limit is not only able to increase the driver's field of vision and reaction time, and thus reduce the probability of accidents, it can also effectively minimize the severity of accidents in the event of an unfortunate collision occuring. It is hoped that the experience of promoting Riverbank community traffic calming zone will be extended to other communities.
    The Transportation Bureau stated that Kaohsiung city has been promoting traffic calming zone around schools and communities since 2011. In October 2017, to accommodate the international EcoMobility festival, a comprehensive traffic calming zone establishment was carried out in the Hamasen area. To continue to implement the concept of ecological transportation; this year, the Transportation Bureau have taken the scheme further, and with the participation of communities and schools, and also completed the implementation of Sanmin district's Riverbank community traffic calming zone demonstration area.
    The Transportation Bureau commented that the purpose of the establishment of traffic calming zone is to regulate vehicles’ driving speeds in the communities, to reduce the speed limit, to remind drivers to watch out for other vehicles and pedestrians and to lessen the impact of passing traffic on the community. In the future, it will continue to be expanded to other areas where conditions are appropriate.  
     (Contact person: Mr. Li Ci-Ching, Head of the Traffic Engineering Division, 0963-599-596)

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