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    Go-karting in Kaohsiung Print
    • Publishing Date:2019-01-31~2019-05-31
    • Update Time:2019-01-23 10:52
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    ◎Written by Jhu Ying-Shao

    ◎English translation by Hou Ya-ting

    ◎Photos courtesy of TKS Go-kart Circuit, Suzuka Circuit Park, GOPARK Go-kart Circuit

     Go-karting is a family-friendly activity, where participants can enjoy the thrill of driving a race car. Currently, Kaohsiung has three places where people can try go-karting. These include, TKS Go-kart Circuit, Suzuka Circuit Park and GOPARK Go-kart Circuit.

    TKS Go-kart Circuit

     TKS Go-kart Circuit belongs to Taiwan Sugar Corporation and is situated in Taiwan Sugar Corporation's Flower & Farm Recreational Park. The track is 1,050 meters long and 8-10 meters in width. The straight section is 150 meters long. TKS Go-kart Circuit has 12 variations of track, so go-kart enthusiasts can have a different experience every time. They also have a place where they can maintain privately owned go-karts.

     The adult go-karts take two people and can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. TKS Go-kart Circuit also offers heavy motorcycle racing.

    ■ Other nearby attraction:

     Besides go-kart racing, Taiwan Sugar Corporation's Flower & Farm Recreational Park offers other activities including, traditional cooking with an earthen kiln, barbecuing and a children's maze. Visitors can also ride a small train, which shuttles passengers to nearby Ciaotou Sugar Refinery recreational area.

    Suzuka Circuit Park

     Suzuka Circuit Park is located in Cianjhen District and is part of Taroko Amusement Park and Shopping Center. In Japan, the company offers a full-scale international racing experience; however, Suzuka Circuit Park, which is 600 meters in length, is only one-tenth the size of the Japanese original. Suzuka Circuit Park uses Birel N35-ST go-karts, which are light weight, fuel efficient and have adjustable seats and pedals.


     Suzuka Circuit Park Director, Mr. Fong points out that the track is known for its underpass and when drivers go through it they experience a quick change of light, which resembles going through a tunnel. The track also has multiple turns and curves, which add to the excitement.

     Suzuka Circuit Park ensures safety and constantly monitors driving conditions. If an accident occurs they can reduce go-kart speeds through a remote control device, which stop drivers from going into these areas. When they come out of the tunnel, drivers need a moment to adjust to the change of light; therefore, they have a monitoring system that keeps them safe. Suzuka Circuit Park also uses Formula One TecPro barriers, which also create a safer environment for drivers.

     In order to provide an authentic experience, the park supplies fireproof balaclavas (a knit cap for the head and neck), gloves, helmets and shoes. The Arai helmets are the same ones that are used in Formula One racing. These not only look more professional but also ensure driver safety. A viewing area with seating and a refreshment bar is available for spectators that want to watch the go-karting.

    ■ Other nearby attraction:

     Nearby attractions include Taroko baseball pitching practice , various restaurants and Taroko Park shopping center.


    GOPARK Go-kart Circuit

     GOPARK Go-kart Circuit is located in the Dream Mall on B2. The indoor venue allows for go-karting in any type of weather. They use SODI RTX eco-friendly, electric go-karts that can adapt to numerous tracks. They are also equipped with various safety measures, including seat belts and a “Proslide” system, which is made up of high density plastic that protect the driver and prevent go-karts from skidding-out. The SODI RTX “Head” system is a high energy absorption device, which prevents injury if frontal impact occurs. The go-karts also have adjustable seats and pedals. They also use Turbo boost technology which makes go-karting there extra exciting.

    ■ Other nearby attraction:

     GOPARK Go-kart Circuit is also affiliated with 147 Raygun Play Center and the rest of the Dream Mall Shopping Center.

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