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    Kaohsiung City Pipeline Digging Regulations amended. Pipeline digging is forbidden for 1 year on newly paved roads Print
    • Publishing Date:2020-01-06~2020-02-29
    • Update Time:2019-12-23 10:12
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    Kaohsiung is a highly developed city. The flatness of roads in the city relies on daily maintenance. The quality of maintenance after road digging affects the overall standard of roads. To control road digging effectively, the Public Works Bureau, Kaohsiung City amended the Kaohsiung City Road Digging Management and Self-governance Ordinance. All new roads are forbidden from being dug up 1 year after new paving. The new regulations were announced and put into practice on August 22, 2019.


    The Public Works Bureau expressed that many control measures have been added into the newly amended regulations. The main points are: 1. The digging prohibition period is extended from 6 months to 1 year. A new mechanism is applied before the commencement of construction projects to reduce the necessities of re-digging. 2. The control in road digging in controlled projects is enhanced. Large digging projects should be applied in December a year before and nearby road digging cases will be integrated to reduce construction impacts. 3. Road digging cases near dangerous pipelines should be surveyed and dug with pilot testing to confirm the safety of constructions and reduce accidents during construction. 4. The real-time monitoring mechanism is newly added to transmit images of construction sites back to the Pipeline Digging Control Center in the Public Works Bureau to protect people’s lives and property. 5. Pipeline management agencies are required to conduct class 3 self-testing to confirm the quality of construction projects.


    The Public Works Bureau pointed out further that the regulations amendments also require pipeline management agencies to be responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and management of road surfaces with paved pipelines, channels, manholes, hand hole covers and other facilities. It monitors the pipeline agencies to conduct daily maintenance to maintain the quality of road surfaces. If there is any negligence in maintenance and management resulting in the damage of road surfaces or loss of lives and property, the agencies should be responsible for the repairing road surfaces and providing compensation. In addition, they will be fined. Moreover, to review emergency maintenance cases applications strictly, the new regulations demand the expansion of the area of road surface repair. Repair fees are required to be paid to the Public Works Bureau that will repair the roads on behalf of applicants to ensure the quality of roads. The new regulations stipulate that the Public Works Bureau is allowed to establish Road Digging Management Funds used for specific purposes to maintain a sustainable environment of traffic safety.