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    Scheduled for completion in 2025, the Zhichang Multi-story Parking Lot, the first of its kind to combine parking with a day care and an activity center. Print
    • Publishing Date:2023-05-25~2023-08-31
    • Update Time:2023-05-16 16:58
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    【Kaohsiung News】The opening and completion of the "Zhichang multi-storey parking garage" are projected for the year 2025. The multi-level parking structure at the crossroads of Zhichang and Minchang streets in Nanzi District recently had its contracts finalized. With the help of private funding, a multi-level parking lot will be built, with a variety of amenities such as a community center, day care, badminton center and convenience store. In addition to serving as the parking lot, it will also provide a wide range of other services, making it a welcome addition to the neighborhood. 
    According to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Kaohsiung City Government, the rental case of the Chihchang multi-purpose multi-storey parking garage in Nanzi District on land owned by Kaohsiung City and constructed through private initiative completed the contract signing witnessed by deputy mayor Lin Chin-Jung and Transportation Bureau director-general Chang Shu-Chuan and Chairman Chou Yu-Chan of UJGIGA Co., Ltd. Additionally, UJGIGA acquired the construction and operation rights. It will invest approximately NT$300 million to convert the parking lot into a composite multi-story parking lot.

    Lin Chin-Jung said that the 6,061 square meter development can be found at the intersection of Zhichang and Minchang streets in Nanzi District. The existing surface parking lot will be replaced by a multi-purpose three-storey parking garage. Its prime location near Western Binghai Road and the highly developed Nanzih Technology Industrial Park in Kaohsiung gives it great significance to the Kaohsiung City Government, which continues to encourage the revitalization and productive use of city-owned land.

    Chang Shu-Chuan, director general, stated that the parking lot construction case included increasing the parking garage's existing 83 parking spaces to 123 for automobiles and 132 for motorcycles, as well as adding a community center, day care center, badminton center and other composite spaces. It is currently in talks with a professional badminton team about forming a partnership to run a badminton center, with the goal of providing housing, recreation and parking for city residents as well as fostering athletes.

    Solar panels and other green energy intelligent facilities will be used in the parking garage, as reported by the Transportation Bureau. The human element is central to the design process, with an emphasis on the end user. Access will be granted to the public upon its completion in 2025. The construction case is intended to provide city residents with an energy-efficient parking environment while also catering to their living and recreational needs.