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    Enthusiasts Share About Camping in Kaohsiung Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-12-25~2018-02-07
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    ◎English translation: Hou Ya-ting 

    ◎Photos by Julia, Sean

      Three years ago, couple, Julia and Sean became camping enthusiasts. Julia, a biology teacher and husband Sean, a laboratory researcher, now enjoy escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and heading to the mountains. With sons, 

      4-year-old Ray and 6-year-old John, they have been checking-out mountainous campsites in southern Taiwan. 

      Before they go off on weekend camping trips, Sean always does sufficient preparation, which has often proved to be very beneficial for the family. They will often stop for a picnic of homemade rice balls and sushi for lunch and after they set up their site with a living room, bedrooms and a cooking area. They usually cook supper on site. Many of their favorite dishes have been those that have been cooked on campsites, including mixed rice with chestnuts and chicken, bamboo soup and beef and chicken satay. 

    Camping in Kaohsiung

      Labiniya Camp Village is located in Kaohsiung's Namasia District and one of Julia and Sean's favorite camp sites. The picturesque, remote campsite is located in a lush green forest and surrounded by mountains. It is a great place to learn about insects and plants, hiking and star gazing. 

      Julia is quite knowledgeable about insects and plants and when they go hiking and enjoys teaching her boys about them. She also hopes to cultivate an appreciation for nature. One highlight is watching fireflies. Camping veteran Sean also reminds other campers that after nightfall, they should protect themselves against an onslaught of mosquitos. He advises them to zip up their tent and stay in a screened area in order to avoid being bitten. 

      Sean also points out that many high-altitude campgrounds don't have great cellphone reception. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity for people to leave their technologies behind and reconnect with nature. Even when the family camped on a farm in Kaohsiung, they enjoyed a weekend of cellphone free quiet. One time, he remembers hearing his older son singing inside the tent and was rather touched. Now, he packs less equipment and puts greater emphasis on spending time with family and friends.

      Julia and Sean pointed out that it is important to comply with basic camping regulations. He advises campers that before they leave they must make sure the site has been properly packed away and that nothing has been left behind. The fire should also have been properly dealt with. They also emphasize that people should not trespass on other campers' sites and refrain from driving their vehicles late at night as it may bother others.

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    Three points for new Campers to remember:

    1.Do not disturb your neighbors

      It is considered rude to enter or trespass on other people's campsites. Be aware of noise levels and avoid bothering other campers in any way.


      Often new campers go out and purchase all their camp equipment at one time. However, more experienced campers only bring efficient and essential camping equipment.

    3.Avoid being bitten by mosquitos 

      Mosquitos come out after sunset, so it's a good idea to bring mosquito repellent, cover up and stay in a screened area or in your tent. 

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