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    The 2018 Six-Municipality Transport Forum Debuts in Kaohsiung - Integrates Green & Smart Transportation to Provide Consensus on Higher Quality Transportation Environment Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-09-10~2018-12-31
    • Update Time:2018-09-03 10:19
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    [Kaohsiung News} “The 2018 Six-Municipality Transport Forum” began on the 17th in Kaohsiung City. Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau Director Hwang Wan-Fa stated during his speech at the event that Kaohsiung has already transformed from a city of heavy industry to a livable, happy city. Kaohsiung currently holds the crown for the most electric buses in Taiwan with 95 vehicles. By integrating green and smart transportation, the city has provided a high quality public transportation environment. It is expected that in the future, Kaohsiung City will only become even friendlier and livable city.
    The Six-Municipality Transport Forum, which rotates the host city among Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Taichung City, Tainan City, and Kaohsiung City, promotes transportation related policy and results through exchanges and discussions. This year (2018), the Six-Municipality Transport Forum was hosted in Kaohsiung at the Jubilee Hall of MLD. In addition to the bureau chiefs of each respective city, also in attendance were Professor Shiu Tian-Ben from the Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University; Hu Da-Ying and Chen Ching-Fu from the Department of Transportation and Communication Management Science, National Cheng Kung University; and other experts. Among the topics discussed were climate change, traffic congestion, parking difficulties, vehicle pollution, and dense urban population, all in relation to transportation in each respective city. It is hoped through their shared experiences and interactions, they will effectively realize "livable, shared, and smart" policies in their cities.
    Hwang Wan-Fa stated that in recent years, Kaohsiung has actively promoted the planning and building of the city's LRT, MRT, and public buses in its public transportation system. Along similar lines, in October of last year (2017), Kaohsiung hosted the “EcoMobility World Festival 2017”, and through those experiences with new kinds of green forms of transportation, changes in public transportation use habits with multivariate transportation information, and integrated smart cards, the public’s habits have truly changed. Weekends and holidays bring about issues of massive crowds, traffic congestion, and difficulty parking. To address these issues, in addition to utilization of changeable message signs (CMS) providing up-to-date traffic information, riders can also use the “Kaohsiung Road Traffic Information app” to respond early to traffic issues, as well as use the Metal as a Service (MaaS) system. By constantly striving for smart and low carbon solutions, residents can enjoy more options and smarter public transportation services. Making the city's smart and green public transportation system part of its citizen's everyday lives, Kaohsiung City is certain to become an even friendlier and livable city.
    Hwang Wan-Fa also stated that "Green Transportation" and "Smart Transportation" is not just the policy with the most attention and promotion in recent years. He also hopes that the forum will bring lively discussion and exchanges so that attendees can truly understand the issues of and outlook for transportation development in those respective cities. In addition, through the sharing of policy experiences and goals, they can work to make Taiwan's transportation more environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, and convenient.
    (Executive unit: Public Transportation Planning Department, Transportation Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government. Contact person: Senior Technical Specialist Hong Jia-Heng, 0912013603.)