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    "National Pioneer" Ministry of Transportation and Communications & Kaohsiung City Government Jointly Promote Innovative Monthly Pass - Register Men▶Go Card for 30 Days of Unlimited Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-10-25~2019-03-31
    • Update Time:2018-10-22 09:35
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    [Kaohsiung News] "National Pioneer!" The Institute of Transportation, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) and the Kaohsiung City Government are cooperating to create the nation's first Men▶Go monthly public transportation pass. Starting today, the public only needs to register their Men▶Go Card and they will immediately start enjoying the bargain prices of the monthly pass (Unlimited rides for NT$1499 or NT$1299 for students). Users can enjoy unlimited rides on the KMRT, city buses, and LRT for 30 days.
     In order to encourage the public to use their Men▶Go Cards, the Transportation Bureau is offering the added bonus discount plan. If members of the public purchase a "Unlimited Trip Pass" before the end of the year, they will also be given 600 points on their Men▶Go Card (redeemable with participating Men▶Go Taxis to reduce the initial trip price to NT$85 for 85 points), 4 free ferry rides, and a 30 minutes of free Cbike rides; it's a truly incredible deal.
      On the 28th in the atrium of the city's Sihwei Administration Center, the MOTC and Kaohsiung City Government explained the bountiful benefits that they're pioneering for the public. The Administrative Deputy Minister of MOTC Chi Wen-Jong and Kaohsiung City Deputy Mayor Shih Che hosted the event that had over 100 participants from the transportation industry, academia, and corporations.
      In Chi Wen-Jong's speech, he stated that the Institute of Transportation, MOTC and the Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau came together to promote the Men▶Go monthly pass to encourage the public to use public transportation, reduce air pollution, and lower traffic accident incidents. Starting today, all you need is to get your Men▶Go Card, download the app, and buy the monthly pass to immediately start enjoying discounts with your public transportation services. You can register for your Men▶Go Card on its official website (, by downloading the app (search the keyword: Men Go), or go to any of Kaohsiung's KMRT stations and register for membership in person. The moment you do, you can start enjoying the cost-effective savings you get from pass (NT$1499 or NT$1299 for students) through the 30 days of unlimited rides on the KMRT, city buses, or LRT.
         Deputy Mayor Shih Che stated that Kaohsiung City has a wide variety of public transportation options. With this pioneering public transportation project, it not only integrates all of the city's public transportation options, but it also incorporates discounted taxi rides into its program. This lets the city's citizens have even more convenient and discounted options for only NT$1499 (NT$1299 for students).
    Deputy Mayor Shih Che went on to say that the aforementioned discount plan works in tandem with the smartphone app to provide users with the great convenience of updates on road conditions and travel times. This reduces personal vehicle traffic congestion issues and air pollution as well as increases safety, money saving, and protects the environment.
    He also commended the support and cooperation of local Kaohsiung City businesses (ChinaSteel and the ASE Group) and multiple universities (National Sun Yat-Sen University, Cheng Shiu University, Shu-Te University, and Fooyin University) for their contributions to the early stages of the project planning process. In addition, ChinaSteel also provides a NT$350 subsidy for its workers each month when they purchase the Men▶Go monthly pass, thus providing concrete support of Kaohsiung, allowing it to become a wonderful, public transportation friendly city.
       The Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau has taken benefits from the "Unlimited Ride Plan" one step further with monthly bus passes for only NT$479 (NT$399 for students), the "Bus + intercity buses Monthly Pass for NT$1499 (NT$1299 for students), and the Ferry Ride Pass for NT$1800 (NT$1600 for students). Users need only register their Men▶Go Cards and purchase any one of the available passes. For more details, please call the Men▶Go Service Line at 07-2385899 or check out the official website (