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    The Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Industrial High School Multi-storey Parking Garage provides free parking during the trial operating period. Print
    • Publishing Date:2024-03-26~2025-03-06
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    【Kaohsiung News】 The Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Industrial High School Multi-storey Parking Garage was inaugurated on the sixth. Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chi-mai stated that the parking garage was completed two months ahead of schedule. It was built with a joint investment of NT$590 million from the central government’s Grant Proposal Research Plan and the Kaohsiung City Government. The parking garage is five stories high and can hold 470 passenger cars and 171 motorcycles. In addition to effectively addressing parking issues in the local high-density residential housing and well-developed business areas, it also serves as a transfer parking facility for the Light Rail, which will open its entire route to traffic. In addition to Legislator Li Kun-tse, Kaohsiung City Councilor Kang Yu-cheng led the Sanmin District councilors in showing their support on-site. Hopefully, the parking garage will operate without incident, and the parking problems in Sanmin District will be resolved.

    The Wanzihnei and Baozhu Village in the Sanmin District were urban built-up areas with high-density residential housing and well-developed businesses along the streets, and inadequate parking spaces have long been a problem. The Light Rail C28 (Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Industrial High School Station) and the future Kaohsiung Metro Yellow Line Y8 (near Jiangong Road/Xinmin Road) will intersect at Dashun Road and Jiangong Road, making it an important transfer station. As a result, the Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Industrial High School Multi-storey Parking Garage will have a positive impact on Sanmin District parking availability and community neighborhood traffic. The parking garage will begin trial operations today and will be open to city residents for free parking, with parking fee collection beginning on March 1st.
    In addition, the city government will continue to increase parking spaces. To meet the temporary parking needs along Dashun Road, 79 yellow-line parking bays have been installed. The peripheral roads and off-road parking spaces include 4,558 spaces for passenger cars and 4,300 spaces for motorcycles. Parking spaces for large vehicles are increasing along the route, which will be sufficient to meet parking demands once the Eastern Ring Section of the Kaohsiung Light Rail on Dashun Road begins operations.

    According to Director Chang Shu-Chuan of the Transportation Bureau, the parking garage is environmentally friendly and intelligent. It can hold 470 passenger cars and 171 motorcycles. Throughout the construction period, it received numerous awards, including the Occupational Safety and Health Excellence Award. In the future, 47 electric green energy parking spaces will be built to provide a convenient use environment for Kaohsiung’s electric vehicle owners.

    Smart equipment includes real-time vehicle location display, 3D plate number identification, automated payment machines, real-time display of indoor parking information, vehicle presence sensing, multiple payments, and so on. They help reduce fuel consumption and air pollution when drivers look for a parking spot, providing the public with convenient and environmentally friendly parking venues.

    According to the Transportation Bureau, user feedback from the general public was collected and accepted during the trial operating annually period in order to optimize and adjust parking facilities. At the same time, linear optimization and adjustment are performed at vehicle entrances and exits to improve smooth flow when vehicles make turns.

    The parking fee collection standard for the parking garage is currently NT$30 per hour for passenger cars (with a maximum parking fee collection limit of NT$100 on the day of the inauguration discount period; fees are calculated separately the following day); and NT$15 for motorcycles for each parking (calculated separately the following day). Members of the public are welcome to use the parking garage.

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