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    Kaohsiung Won First Place in Traffic Engineering among Six Municipalities Print
    • Publishing Date:2020-01-09~2020-01-31
    • Update Time:2020-01-06 10:07
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    【Kaohsiung News】The Kaohsiung City Government has been dedicated to promoting road traffic safety. This year (2019), the City won first place in the Traffic Engineering category in Group one (among six Municipalities) of the 2019 Public Construction Golden Safety Award “Improvement Program for Traffic Order and Safety” presented by the Executive Yuan . Kaohsiung Deputy Mayor Yeh, Kuang-Shih indicated that the City Government has been continuously constructing transportation infrastructure and enhancing road traffic safety, aiming to develop Kaohsiung into a livable city.
    The Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government achieved the success in improving road traffic safety. This year (2019), the City won first place among six Municipalities in the Traffic Engineering category of the Golden Safety Award, evaluated by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) a few days ago in the MOTC. Cheng, Yung-Hsiang, Director General of the Transportation Bureau dedicated the prize to the City Government during the Municipal Administrative Meeting.
    Deputy Mayor Yeh, Kuang-Shih pointed out that the City Government contributed to developing Kaohsiung into a livable city and to creating a people-oriented traffic environment. The actions include public transportation optimization, traffic engineering improvements, and innovative education promotions, followed with cracking down on traffic rule violation to improve the quality of transportation in Kaohsiung and to reduce traffic accident rate of the City.
    Deputy Mayor Yeh, Kuang-Shih showed his gratitude to the City Government team for their performance and efforts in making Kaohsiung nationally acknowledged.  In the future, Kaohsiung would conscientiously promote policies in traffic safety, public transportation prioritization, intelligent transportation, barrier-free transportation environment, and parking management by achieving visions of “dignity and orderliness, efficiency through technology, fairness and reasonableness, green environmental protection, safety and reliability, balanced development, and teamwork.” The City would move toward the goal of building a quality, safe and convenient transportation environment.
    Cheng, Yung-Hsiang, Director General of the Transportation Bureau, expressed that the City Government developed proper traffic engineering improvement actions based on the pedestrian flow and the area (intersections) characteristics by “village” or by “elementary and junior high schools.” Actions including marking sidewalks, and setting up warning signs such as “Beware of Children” and “Maximum Speed 30km” have protected pedestrians and pupils’crossing safety, and are well-received by schools and the local.
    Cheng, Yung-Hsiang, Director General of the Transportation Bureau, noted that setting up “Solar Power Warning Facility” for roads that experience frequent accidents but without traffic signals would reduce electricity costs. The operation is similar to flashing signals: installing flashing yellow lights in main roads, and flashing red lights in branch roads. It is to increase visibility at night by using warning flashing lights. In addition, introducing cooperative vehicle-infrastructure system at Light Rail intersections in Kaohsiung while adopting the latest “Illegal Right Turn Warning System” and “Intelligent Intersection Collision Avoidance Warning System“ would give drivers instant feedback that display warning messages about potential accidents to prevent vehicle crashes.
    Moreover, the City initiated the first color management model for traffic guidance in Taiwan. Motorcyclists would arrive at the destination successfully by following color instruction. It has been effectively eased the confusion for motorcycle riders on the Nanzih Bridge, and local traffic condition has been improved since the implementation of the model.
    (Unit in charge: Ms.Huang, Cyong-Jhu, Head of the Traffic Engineering Division, 0963111808)