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    Kaohsiung City Awarding Road Safety Advocacy Groups, in Anticipation of Becoming an Ambassador of Traffic safety Print
    • Publishing Date:2022-11-21~2022-12-31
    • Update Time:2022-11-16 10:23
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    【Kaohsiung News】Everyone can become an ambassador of traffic safety. The Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government held the “Traffic Safety and Road Safety Advocacy Group Awarding Ceremony” on the 7th where road safety advocacy agencies, schools and groups were given awards. Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-Jung hopes to take action to improve traffic safety through the multi-pronged approaches of education and advocacy targeting different groups, while city residents participate in and echo “vehicles slowing down, looking, and stopping; pedestrians stopping, looking, and listening.”

    In order to improve traffic safety in Kaohsiung City, the Bureau of Transportation, Kaohsiung City Government has conducted to “Plan for Accident-prone Road Prevention and Control and Decision-making Support System Applications” to expand the functions of the existing decision-making assistive system. By taking a pro-active approach, accident rates are expected to be reduced. On the 7th, results sharing and the awarding ceremony were held.

    At the awarding ceremony on the 7th, Ministry of Transportation and Communication and other central government agencies, schools and groups that assisted road safety advocacy, such as the National Kangshan Agricultural and Industrial Vocational Senior High School, Kao-Yuan Vocational High School of Technology and Commerce, Cheng Shiu University, Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, Hongdao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation, Kaohsiung Branch office. Taiwan Sugar Corporation, Kaohsiung Branch, Export Processing Zone Administration, etc. transportation industry associations and transportation businesses attended, up to a hundred people in total.

    Deputy Mayor Lin said that with Kaohsiung’s geographical environment and industrial characteristics, a unique transportation environment and accident pattern has been developed. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the Kaohsiung City Government have cooperated in the “Plan for Accident-prone Road Prevention and Control and Decision-making Support System Applications” in order to enhance and improve the friendly traffic environment through the system’s instant monitoring mode and accurate improvements.

    Additionally, Deputy Mayor Lin gave recognition to the agencies, schools and groups for assisting in conducting road safety advocacy, letting road safety advocacy reach out to all ages and groups and extending advocacy activities to religious groups, transportation business, foreign immigrant workers, etc.

    “September is Transportation Safety Month. With the traffic safety rule of vehicles slowing down, looking, and stopping; pedestrians stopping, looking, and listening, education imparted to different groups and advocacy through multi-pronged approaches will continue to be carried out. Action will also be taken to improve traffic, thereby moving toward the vision of road safety through the construction of a safe and friendly transportation environment in Kaohsiung City.” Said Lin.

    The Bureau of Transportation of the Kaohsiung City Government pointed out that the accident-prone road prevention and control and decision-making support system has been set up through the plan. Through diverse information, active pre-warning measures will be provided and the ten highlighted functions have been set up to facilitate road safety and accurate improvement. The Kaohsiung City Government has held over 30 activities, hoping to build a new culture of transportation for Kaohsiung.

    (Undertaking section/office: Section Chief Hsu Nai-Wen of Transportation Planning Section   0932-880-839) 

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