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    IT'S BEATTIYA donates 2 rehabilitation buses for people with disabilities in Kaohsiung Print
    • Publishing Date:2022-04-21~2022-06-30
    • Update Time:2022-05-10 14:54
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

    [Kaohsiung News] On the 9th, Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-Jung of Kaohsiung City received the donation of 2 rehabilitation buses from IT'S BEATTIYA Co., Ltd. at the Siwei Administration Center and commended IT'S BEATTIYA Co., Ltd. for kindly donating the rehabilitation buses and providing more convenient transportation services, which will allow people with disabilities to go outside and have more opportunities for social participation.
            Lin Chin-Jung said that there are 156 rehabilitation buses in Kaohsiung currently, which provided 293,407 times of transportation services in 2021. In order to build a more complete transportation service network, apart from the downtown areas, the Kaohsiung Bus has also set up dispatching centers in remote areas, including Liouguei, Meinong, Cishan, Qieding, Gangshan and Linyuan District, with a total of 25 centers (including the existing dispatching centers in the downtown areas). The operation of these dispatching centers will be adjusted and launched based on actual needs for rehabilitation buses, providing convenient transportation services for people in remote areas and expanding the operating areas of rehabilitation buses in Kaohsiung City.
            Liu I-Chun, chairman of IT'S BEATTIYA Co., Ltd., said that she acknowledges the needs for rehabilitation buses for people with disabilities to travel to and from medical institutions and that as their first branch outside Taoyuan City was established in Kaohsiung, they would like to express their gratitude and give back to society by donating two rehabilitation buses to Kaohsiung. IT'S BEATTIYA has made a start on public welfare and it is hoped that such kindness will encourage others to do the same throughout Taiwan.
            In order to take better care of vulnerable groups, the Transportation Bureau will continue to improve the operating efficiency of rehabilitation buses and make the reservation process less time-consuming. In addition, the Bureau will continue to replace old buses with new ones, purchase low-floor buses and provide fixed-route or rental services to achieve the goal of making all buses in the city barrier-free, providing unimpeded transportation services for people with disabilities and their families and implementing human-oriented transportation by 2025.