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    Truck driver runs a red light at Yanhai and Wanggon intersection, Transportation Bureau and Police Department crack down on violations Print
    • Publishing Date:2024-06-18~2025-05-04
    • Update Time:2024-06-17 13:47
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    • Publishing Unit:高雄市政府交通局
    • Publisher:智慧運輸中心

    [Kaohsiung News] On May 2, a major car crash occurred at the intersection of Yanhai Road, Section 4 and Wanggong Road, in Linyuan District, where a truck and a motorcycle collided. The police investigated the accident and found that the truck ran through the red light and then hit the motorcycle, killing the motorcyclist. The Transportation Bureau urges road users to follow traffic signals and instructions to protect themselves as well as others.

    The Transportation Bureau pointed out that the Yanhai Road has many large trucks passing by, currently, the road is physically divided into two lanes, the fast lane and the slow lane. The accident happened at a t-junction, where vehicles turning left from Yanhai Road to Wanggong Road and Donglin West Road take turns to pass through the green light of the fast and slow lanes, i.e., at the end of the green light of the fast lane for straight and left-turns, the yellow light will be on for 4 seconds, followed by the red light for 4 seconds, then the green light of the slow lane for left-turns will be on, to ensure that vehicles in both fast and slow lanes can pass through the junction safely.

    The Traffic Bureau explained that this crash was a violation of the red light by a truck driver and that the police department has begun to crack down on the violations of the traffic law and to consider installing technological enforcement camera in order to protect the safety of road users. Finally, the Transportation Bureau reminded passengers to be aware of oncoming traffic and to follow the traffic signals when passing through intersections, never to run a red light that could cause harm to others and to themselves.

    (Organizer's Office: Nai-Wen Hsu, Director of Intelligent Transportation Center, 0932-880839)