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    Former Cisian Junior High School to be turned into the National Marine Research Park by KHH Government and the Ministry of Science and Technology Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-11-09~2019-03-31
    • Update Time:2018-11-05 11:24
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    • Publishing Unit:Urban Development Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government

    The former location of Cisian Junior High School was transferred into the specific industrial region by Kaohsiung City Government through the urban planning. The case was announced and implemented today on October 11, which will be executed with Ministry of Science and Technology to build the National Marine Research Park. Following the unveiling ceremony of the Ocean Affairs Council in Kaohsiung on 28th April this year, the city government will then revitalize the public property nearby Love River that has been idle for six years, and will boost Kaohsiung city as the gateway for the New Southbound Policy.

    Adjacent to Lover River, the former location of Cisian Junior High School is located in the elite section of the city. Both the location and the conditions are excellent. Since the relocation to the Longmei new campus in Gushan District in 2012, the city government has been actively striving for the “Marine Scientific Research Zone,” one of the national marine science construction plans from Ministry of Science and Technology, to be put up in Kaohsiung. In addition to the activation of idle public property, it is also expected that the new research zone will not only enhance the Kaohsiung marine industry, but deepen the image of Kaohsiung as an oceanic city.

    Wang Chi-chuan, Director-general of the Urban Development Bureau, said that Kaohsiung’s unique geographical environment and abundant marine resources have created the new bay area in Asia today. In the past, the development and rise of Kaohsiung Port relied on the ocean as an economic source. Nowadays, the city government is cooperating with the Ministry of Science and Technology to turn the former Cisian Junior High School into an industrial specific zone. The National Marine Research Park has successfully taken root in Kaohsiung, and will lead Kaohsiung to a marine industrial and research center as well as bring in a new kinetic energy.

    The city government pointed out that after the release of the urban planning case, The Ministry of Science and Technology will invest NTD$0.6 billion to build the “Taiwan Ocean Technology Research Center” and “Ocean Technology and Education Exhibition Building” in this 1.2 hectares of marine scientific research zone next to Shizhong 1st Road. The completion is estimated to be in 2019. The 1.8 hectares of land adjacent to Love River will be open to the excellent industries selected by the city government. Combining the research and development energy of marine science, connecting the marine industry chain, using the advantages of waterfront tourism to develop marine-related commercial and tourism activities, a new urban city of Kaohsiung will reappear.

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