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    • Publishing Date:2018-10-22~2019-02-10
    • Update Time:2018-10-22 09:40
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    • Publishing Unit:Kaohsiung Museum of fine arts

    Her Story about Sculpture

    Po Ying-ping, Jun T. Lai, Maggie Hsu, Tsai Ying-chin, Ruby Swana, Huang Wen-ying,
    Yang Wei Lin, Chen Hui-chiao, Liu Shih-fen, Hsu Su-chen, Eleng Luluan, Ping-Yu Pan,
    Lin Chia-chen, Kuo chao-yin, Labay Eyong, Lin Yu-ting, Huang Mei-hui, Chia Chien-ju,
    Chen Ying-ting, Chang Ching-yi, Hsu Yu-ping, Chen Yun

    Since the 21st century, contemporary female sculptors have started an even more diverse exploration with the topics and media for their works. Their selection of topics for their works demonstrates a gradual shift of their focus from the discussion about man-woman conflicts to the expression of the world from their unique perspectives; the recognition of different life styles and behaviors; and the in-depth exploration of individual inner worlds. Through the forms of their works, they have formed their unique methods, materials, and representation techniques to express their thoughts and emotions. Their intense attention to contemporary society reflects their questioning and introspection about traditional values of females shaped by consumerism and media. Based on their acute perceptions of contemporary society, they provide interpretations of contemporary society from viewpoints completely different from those of males.