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    Upcoming│Run! Be Happy-Solo Exhibition of CHUANG Ming-Chi Print
    • Publishing Date:2024-05-20~2024-08-11
    • Update Time:2024-05-16 16:02
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    • Publishing Unit:高雄市立美術館

    Run! Be Happy

    About the Exhibition
    Running offers a profound experience of the body's connection to and independence from the consciousness. The curatorial theme Run! Be Happy positions Chuang Ming-chi's work within the ambit of a "Comprehensive Discourse on the Body." The exhibition is divided into four sections: Run! Be HappyWindow to the SoulMarathon, and Bodyscape: Extraordinary NBA, with an additional, specially curated section, Childhood Memories, that delves into Chuang's formative memories. Through these sections, Chuang's exploration of running serves as a metaphor for his social observations and a narrative of personal growth, facilitating the observation and contemplation of his conscious and unconscious creative engagement with the self and society.

    Run! Be Happy  explores the continuum of the body, Window to the Soul focuses on the observation of the body, Marathon zooms in on its social inspection, and Bodyscape: Extraordinary NBA features its unconscious expressions. In Run! Be Happy, one can feel the continuity of running as if through maximizing the act of running, one can animate the entire body and thereby shape consciousness. Window to the Soul reflects on the relationship between the eyes and the body in Chuang's works, while Marathon showcases the long-term commitment of the body to societal observation, thereby sparking more imagination towards society and the individual. Bodyscape: Extraordinary NBA explores the unconscious unity between mind and body.

    Text/ LU Ming-Ze (Curator)