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    Pandemic Prevention First! Public Transportation Is Fully Disinfected; Wear a Mask When Using Public Transportation Print
    • Publishing Date:2021-09-17~2021-10-31
    • Update Time:2021-09-14 10:14
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Governmen

    [Kaohsiung News] As Taiwan is on a Level 2 alert due to community transmission of COVID-19, pandemic prevention mechanisms are start up for Kaohsiung’s public transportation. Today (12th), Chang Shu-chuan, the Director-General of Transportation Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government(TBKC), visited bus and taxi drivers to understand how they conducted pandemic prevention measures. Director-General Chang asked them to follow the disinfection SOP before and after dispatching vehicles. Moreover, Ms. Chang also reminded members of the public to wear masks when using public transportation.
    Director-General Chang went to Jianjyun Station early in the morning to supervise the cleaning and disinfection process conducted by G-Bus. She especially focused on the cleaning task performed before the bus company dispatched buses, including the interaction between drivers and passengers, and whether disinfectants were used to disinfect bus handrails and chairs. Director-General Chang encouraged the operator and drivers and recognized their efforts. Moreover, she asked them to thoroughly follow the SOP of bus disinfection.
    Then, Director-General Chang went to Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital (KAFGH) to learn about the pandemic prevention process for taxis. Taxi drivers explained to the Director-General that they would check whether passengers had put on masks and disinfected their hands before getting into a taxi and avoid having conversations with passengers. When there were no passengers, taxi drivers would disinfect their cars inside and out, especially handles, which were frequently touched by passengers. The KAFGH even thoughtfully prepared alcohol-based disinfectants for the drivers.
    Director-General Chang stated that hand sanitizers are provided on public transportation (buses, intercity buses, and taxis) that passes by 12 designated quarantine hospitals, and passengers should disinfect their hands before getting on board. For public transportation in Kaohsiung City, friendly reminders of frequent handwashing and immediately seeking medical attention when showing respiratory symptoms are shown to members of the public on buses’ LED display boards, real-time bus information display boards, and digital display boards.
    According to the TBKC, all passengers should wear masks at all times in accordance with the regulations when using Kaohsiung City’s public transportation (MRT, buses, LRT, ferries, and taxis). Passengers can rest assured on their journeys simply by following four approaches to prevent the pandemic: wearing a mask when taking a bus, keeping social distancing when getting on and off a bus, avoiding having conversations or talking on the bus, and practicing socially distanced seating and holding the same handrail when standing.
    The TBKC urged the public to comply with the regulations and wear masks when using public transportation. Those who are found or being reported for not wearing masks properly will face a fine of NT$3,000 to NT$15,000 in accordance with the Communicable Disease Control Act.
    (Head of the Division in charge: Director Huang Sin-ying, Transportation Management Division; 0963111812)