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    Han Kuo-yu invites Malaysian highly popular YouTuber Cody to promot Kaohsiung city Print
    • Publishing Date:2019-09-04~2020-09-04
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    [Kaohsiung News] Kaohsiung City Government held an international internet celebrities press conference at Suzuka Circuit Park on Aug. 29. Mayor Han attended the campaign and had a go-kart racing with the talented internet celebrity Cody. The event was jazzed up by one loved shiba-inu mascot named "Love Laifu.”
    Han pointed out, in the first half of 2019, there are 1.48 million international tourists visiting Kaohsiung, the number of which rises by 23% from that of the same period last year. So, five internationally renowned KOLs from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong are being invited to Kaohsiung one after another to shoot short films recommending the city.
    Han stressed, the five well-known YouTubers’ films will bring cash bonanza to Kaohsiung with five themes; that is, parent-child tour, wing-it style, love industry, fashion and local delicacies. The beauty of Kaohsiung will be seen by the world through their promotions in their countries, and the city’s presence will be increased on the global stage, he said.
    Cody shared Kaohsiung's special tourist hotspots and his shutter experience with the audience. He said, he likes Taiwan very much and has a great affection for Taiwan. His favorite Taiwanese dish is braised pork rice. When receiving an invitation to film Kaohsiung, he accepted it without hesitation, he noted. He will go all out to let all Malaysians know that Kaohsiung is a wonderful and romantic city, and will pass happiness to fans through his own channels as well, telling them about his unforgettable experience in Kaohsiung. Tons of interactions and likes from fans are, he believed, a sure thing.
    Mayor Han takes the lead and wins in the go-kart racing. He said, the Internet celebrity conference is just a start. In the future Kaohsiung City Government will have more international promotion campaigns through various creative marketing activities, letting more international tourists get into Kaohsiung’s wonderfulness, such as special human touch, local customs, beautiful attractions, and more, and making Kaohsiung on the travel bucket list for as many international travellers as possible. Kaohsiung welcomes all to enjoy!

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