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    Underground parking lot under construction below Gushan’s Elementary School’s playground. It is estimated to be completed in December new year. There will be 184 parking spaces to solve the parking problem of Hamaxing. Print
    • Publishing Date:2019-12-02~2020-01-31
    • Update Time:2019-11-18 09:54
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    The construction of an underground parking lot at B1 below the playground of Gushan Elementary School at Linghai 2nd Road in Gushan District began on August 2019, estimated to be completed in December next year. There will be 184 parking spaces for small vehicles, helpful to promote parking supply in the local area.

    Hamaxing has become an important sightseeing resort in Kaohsiung City. During weekday and holidays, it is very difficult to find a parking space. In addition, it was the exemplar zone when the Eco Mobility World Festival 2017 sponsored by Kaohsiung City Government was held there. Considering the sustainability of the global festival and the strategy regarding the long-term development of the district, it came to a consensus to build an underground parking lot below the playground of Gushan Elementary School after repeated multidimensional communication. After the preparation and planning stages, the groundbreaking ceremony was held on the 26th. Hosted by Secretary-General Yang Ming-Chou, representative from the Third Maintenance Office, Directorate General of Highways, MTOC, Director-General Cheng Yong-Hsiang of Transportation Bureau, representatives from the Department of Education, Public Works Bureau, local councilors, and the public attended the ceremony.

    Yang Ming-Chou expressed that Kaohsiung City is enthusiastic in developing marine tourism. Hamaxing District neighbors Gushan Fishing Port, Qijin Ferry Pier, Shaochuantou Yacht Pier, Sizihwan scenic area, and other sightseeing spots are all located in this area, making it a popular tourism resort. Nevertheless, its neighborhoods are communities developed in early times, with narrow streets and not enough outdoor and idle spaces for the construction of parking lots. With limited roadside parking spaces, it makes parking in the district very difficult, affecting local people’s daily life and the development of the overall regional development.

    Yang Ming-Chou said Kaohsiung City Government considers the necessity of long-term development strategies in that area. An underground parking lot below the playground of Gushan Elementary School was planned and is being built to increase local parking spaces. It will be beneficial to people’s daily life, transportation, industrial needs, the development of tourism, and the long-term development of public transportation. More parking lots will be built in other areas.

    Cheng Yung-Hsiang pointed out that the building of Gushan Electuary School underground parking lot below its playground is conducted with the collaboration of the school, the parents’ association, and local interest groups. Earlier, the Transportation Bureau has launched the construction project, with NTD 270 million of funds from the Special Act for Forward-Looking Infrastructure. In addition to building the underground parking lot, it will also help the school to restore the facilities above it, such as the playground, basketball field, softball field, and more. Later the city government will discuss with the school regarding the issues of the overall construction.

    The building of an underground parking lot below Gushan Elementary School’s playground has gained the recognition of local businesses and residents. They all believe it will help solve the parking problem. A student’s parent said, “The streets in Hamaxing are narrow, parking is a serious problem especially during weekends and holidays. With the new underground parking lot, the parking problem will be solved. It will help attract more visitors to come here, contributing greatly to the development of local tourism.”