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    Hamastar Old House Restoration Re-presents Japanese Classic Style Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-11-16~2019-04-15
    • Update Time:2018-11-05 11:41
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    • Publishing Unit:Urban Development Bureau,Kaohsiung City Government

    Located in No.9, Gushan 1st Road, Gushan District, the Yang’s old house has been hidden for more than 30 years. Its ochre wall and Roman column can finally be seen again! The Urban Development Bureau issued a repair fund, and found experts and craftsmen to put in the repair work. It was determined to manually knock out every piece of the tiles covered in the exterior of the old house in order to reveal the unique style of the original cement stone-washing square column with the Roman column. The extraordinary momentum of the old house is revealed again and brings the beauty of Japanese-style buildings back to the Hamasen area.

    The Yang’s old house is a two-storied building made of brick walls without plastering. It was originally built by Yang Tien-sung, a well-known person in Kaohsiung who founded Nanbuseika and the Concord Transportation Group. The Japanese katakana “ヨ” (the Japanese pronunciation of Yang) was used on the parapet of the roof, which revealed the house owner, the Yang’s. The exterior used a four-span column structure to express the outstanding feel. The two columns in the middle of the first floor were joined with the Roman column and the cement stone-washing square column. The style was full of grace. After 1980, The appearance of the old house was covered with tiles to cover up its grandeur and value, which resulted in the loss of the original design.

    During the Japanese occupation, the Yang’s old house was once the Concord store. After the war, it was a Guangzhou hotel. Nowadays, the Yang’s descendants are still living in the old house. They wish to regain the glamour of the old house and cooperate with the Urban Development Bureau from the city government. After listening to experts and receiving professionals’ opinions, they decided not to adopt the old-fashioned refurbishment techniques, but believe in “slow work yields fine products” to make the Yang’s old house regain its original appearance.

    Wang Chi-chuan, Director-general of the Urban Development Bureau, considered that the old house hidden in the street is a priceless treasure that has witnessed the change of Kaohsiung city. We expect more people to involve themselves in the restoration and maintenance work to enrich the city’s cultural heritage. At present, the Bureau and Ministry of Culture are in cooperation to launch the preservation plan for private old houses and provide repair subsidies. Any private buildings constructed before 1971 and are of historical, cultural and artistic value can be submitted for application. For those house owners who are interested, do not miss out on the opportunity. More information can be found on the official website of the Urban Development Bureau ( or call the service hotline 07-3373527.

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