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    Innovative Kaohsiung Rehabus Service Offerings Generate Impressive Results Print
    • Publishing Date:2021-01-14~2021-02-28
    • Update Time:2021-01-11 09:46
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Governmen

    Kaohsiung News- Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung city Government (TBKC) points out that since 2019, Kaohsiung City Rehabus has improved its service efficiency by setting up depots in the suburbs to dispatch vehicles, fast medical admission service, smart and accessible reservations, and diversified mobile payment. Many indicators have grown significantly. Service satisfaction is as high as 94.6%.
    In 2019, the TBKC commissioned Kaohsiung Bus (Kbus), which is a company with transport proficiency to take over Rehabus operations to meet the needs of citizens with limited mobility and bridge the service gap in rural and suburban areas. The TBKC also continues to promote relevant measures such as the first-ever fast medical admission service and diversified mobile payment options, smart reservation and SMS notification services, and sound shuttle services with terminals in rural areas.
    Since the launch of above-mentioned services, the monthly number of trips has reached 29,000, which represents a growth by 11.5%. The proportion of online bookings has increased from 57% to 62%, while booking with short-notice have increased by 70%. Call waiting times have decreased from 100 seconds to 60 seconds, which marks an improvement by 40%. A satisfaction survey conducted by an impartial third party commissioned by the TBKC reveals that overall public satisfaction with Rehabus services has reached 94.6%.
    Ms. Chang,Shu-Chuan, Director-General of the Transportation Bureau, points out that the Kaohsiung Rehabus fleet currently consists of 160 buses and the operating efficiency and vehicle turnover rate have been improved through divisional vehicle dispatch and the application of intelligent technologies. The proportion of unsuccessful bookings has dropped significantly from 7.48% in 2018 to 0.58% in 2020.
    Ms. Chang also states that fast medical admission services which were launched in May this year has cut down outpatient visit and treatment times of people with disabilities by around 30 minutes through an interface between the Rehabus booking system and the outpatient service system of the cooperating hospital. This also frees up 30 minutes of Rehabus service time for other citizens.
    The TBKC has announced that in addition to 160 Rehabus, there are also 314 general purpose taxis offer transportation services to people with disabilities. The TBKC will continue to expand the scope of these services to provide more convenient services for the physically-challenged.