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    Construction of Fongshan Sports Park Underground Parking Garage Begins, Which Will Alleviate Local Parking Demands with 614 Parking Spaces for Sedans Print
    • Publishing Date:2020-10-16~2020-11-30
    • Update Time:2020-10-05 15:31
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    • Publishing Unit:Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Governmen

    【Kaohsiung News】The Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government planned to build an underground parking garage on the premises of Fongshan Sports Park near the intersection of Tiyu Rd. and LiJhih St. in Fongshan District, Kaohsiung. The construction started on August 24 and will be completed in December next year. The one-floor parking garage will enhance the development of local tourism by providing 614 parking spaces for sedans after completion.

    “Fongshan Sports Park Underground Parking Garage” will be the first large-scale underground parking garage in Fongshan District. As a tradition, the Director-General of the Transportation Bureau Chang Shu-Chuan recently visited the site to attend Chungyuan Pu Tu, a religious rite in Ghost Month. She ordered that tree planting operations should conform to relevant regulations under the supervision of licensed professionals. She made sure that principles of “transplant trees instead of cutting them down” and “coexistence of plants and public facilities” were applied and that construction safety checks were carried out properly each time prior to relevant procedures. She also appreciated the hard work of the workers on site and encouraged them to keep it up. Chang Shu-Chuan stated that important tourist attractions near Fongshan Sports Park, namely Jhongshan Rd. Shopping District, Fongling Square, and Weiwuying Metropolitan Park, have contributed to the creation of the thriving tourism industry in the area. However, communities around the area were developed in earlier times with narrow streets and a lack of public vacant space that can be used to build parking lots. With limited off-street parking, temporary parking on streets increased, which hindered the overall development of the area.

    According to the assessment done by the Transportation Bureau, building a parking lot near MRT Fongshan Station (O12) can contribute to great convenience for passengers transferring between different transportation modes. Since there is no permanent public parking garage with higher capacity (apart from parking spaces attached to buildings) in the busiest business area in Fongshan, the construction of a parking garage is certainly needed to accommodate the rising parking demand.

    The Transportation Bureau pointed out that the construction of “Fongshan Sports Park Underground Parking Garage” would be completed and open for use by the end of December next year. The Bureau will oversee the construction teams to make sure that the public construction quality is maintained by their acting in compliance with relevant regulations and keeping the construction site tidy.

    The Transportation Bureau will continue to carry out assessments in areas with high parking demands to develop plans for parking lot construction with the aim of solving parking problems. 

    News release: Parking Engineering Division
    For more information, please contact the Parking Management Center at 07-2299835.

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