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    Pro-Public Transport MenGo Mars Concert on December 16; Let’s Have Fun Print
    • Publishing Date:2018-12-04~2019-03-01
    • Update Time:2018-12-04 10:07
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    [Kaohsiung News] In September 2018, Kaohsiung City launched the “MenGo Transportation Card”, which provides one card that combines access to multiple forms of public transportation and discount prices to provide the public with cheaper, more convenient public transportation services. To encourage people to register their MenGo Transportation Card, the Transportation Bureau specially invited the famous idols Nana Lee, GBOYSWAG, Jiang Sung-lin, and CosmosPeople to perform at the MenGo Mars Concert at Moonlight Theater of the Pier-2 Art Center on December 16. It is expected that the power of music and the artists’ advocacy will encourage the use of public transportation. Participating fans also have the opportunity to enter a raffle for a limited edition Nintendo switches and Beats wireless Bluetooth headphones.
    The Transportation Bureau’s Acting Director Huang Wan-Fa stated that by encouraging the public to increase their use of public buses and the MRT, which helps reduce pollution from private vehicles that is destructive to the environment. On March 1 of this year (2018), the Transportation Bureau, together with the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation, jointly promoted the “Unlimited Rides on the Bus & MRT” monthly pass campaign. As such, from March to September, public bus ridership saw an increase of 1,000,000 rides over the same period last year. This time, they went one step further with the promotion of the “MenGo Transportation Card” and multiple discount monthly passes. On December 16, the MenGo Mars Concert, starring the famous musical artists Nana Lee, GBOYSWAG, Jiang Sung-lin, and the band CosmosPeople, will be held to publicize the city’s buses and MRT as well as registration for the new MenGo Transportation Card. On the day of the concert, all you need is your MenGo Card to get in free and enter to win a limited edition Nintendo switch and Beats wireless Bluetooth headphones.
    The Transportation Bureau stated that this year Kaohsiung City also launched multiple combo discounts for public transportation. This not only includes the current deals of unlimited two-bus types in one day passes, low bus-to-subway transfers of NT$3, and highway bus prices having a maximum of NT$60, but also the “MenGo Unlimited Rides Pass” that was launched on September 28, 2018 and has won wide acclaim from the public. In addition, in October 2018 the Transportation Bureau released another discount, free bus transfers for two hours (free transfer not counted with unlimited two-bus types in one day passes), welcoming everyone to work together to lower air pollution with public transportation. By making public buses and the MRT our main means of travel in our daily lives, we will all be doing our part to help the environment we all live in.
    The MenGo Mars Concert will be held at 18:30 on December 16 at Moonlight Theater of the Pier-2 Art Center. You only need to present your MenGo Card on the day of the concert for free entry (Limited to 600 people; please come early to get a seat!). Participants can enter to win prizes when on-site. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun! For more details, check the Transportation Bureau's Facebook fan page ( For“MenGo Transportation Card” registration information, please visit any Kaohsiung MRT station's service desk or check out the MenGo official website (