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    Liu Keng-I: A Retrospective of His Art Print
    • Publishing Date:2017-11-30~2018-03-18
    • Update Time:2017-11-27 10:11
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    • Publishing Unit:Kaohsiung Museum of fine arts

    The artist Liu Keng-I uses the word “retrospective” to manifest that this exhibition has been organized to feature his artistic career. Around 100 works from Liu’s early period to the presentare on view, including paintings, furniture, drawings, and architectural designs. The exhibition consists of six sections, which imply five layers of his art: 1. Exploration of the hidden personality and the aesthetic imagination and pursuit; 2. Development of narrative style: Record of emotional reaction toward radical social changes; 3. Life experiences at the other home: Life journey in New Zealand; 4. Light and shadow: Interweaving of memory and reality; 5. Dialogue with time and space amidst doubt about future situation; and 6. Inner landscape constructed with wooden furniture, architecture and paintings.