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    • Publishing Date:2019-09-17~2019-10-31
    • Update Time:2019-09-09 10:56
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    ◎Written by Chen Ting-fang

    ◎English translation by Lin Yu-ciao

    ◎Photos by Bao Jhong-huei, Chen Ting-fang, Jhang Jin-ruei


     Gangshan has always been renowned for its food, such as mutton, honey and soybean paste. Gangshan's traditional food culture came out of the various cultures that were found in the area, including the military dependents' village. It is a great place to experience traditional food stalls, markets, unique dishes, and desserts.

    Agongdian Forest Park

    Agongdian Forest Park Gangshan also has numerous beautiful scenic areas. Agongdian Forest Park is a popular place for picnics and taking bike rides. At the entrance, there is a butterfly art display that gives visitors the feeling that they are emerging into a secluded Shangri-La. Within the park is a reservoir that is surrounded by dense forest, where visitors can see numerous butterflies, fireflies, and breathtaking scenery. An 8-kilometer cycling path surrounds the dam, so visitors can circumnavigate the reservoir. It's a beautiful, natural scenic spot that is well worth a visit. 

          Add:No. 100, Tsailiao Rd., Yanchao Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 
    TI:Stop at Gangshan South MRT Station (R24), take Bus Red 68 to Dazhuang Park, and then transfer to the park shuttle bus.  

    Siaogangshan Skywalk Park

    Siaogangshan Skywalk Park

     Siaogangshan Skywalk Park is also a beautiful place to visit. At 88-meters, the skywalk is almost as tall as a 10-story building. Visitors can stand on a glass observation deck and get a magnificent birds-eye view of the Agongdian River, Reservoir and Forest Park, along with its adjacent plains. Visitors would also be able to see the 85 Sky Tower, Banping Mountain, Shoushan and the Taiwan Strait.

          Add:Shanxi Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 
    Open:09:00~17:00 on weekdays, 09:00~18:00 on holidays, closed on Mondays  
    TI:Stop at Gangshan South MRT Station (R24), take Bus Red 68 to Dazhuang Park, and then transfer to the park shuttle bus. 

    Authentic Goat-meat Delicacies

    Authentic Goat-meat Delicacies Gangshan boasts not only a great number of scenic spots, but also goat meat. Unlike many restaurants that use imported goat meat that has been refrigerated or frozen, Mr. Cai always used prime meat from freshly slaughtered animals, a practice continued by his descendants and successors. Every part of each goat, from nose to tail, can be used as an ingredient. Various cooking methods are employed, including stir-frying and stewing, to bring out the superior taste and texture of prime goat meat. In addition to goat-meat hot pots, gourmets all know that sauteed sliced goat-meat is one of the restaurant's signature dishes. Whether it's sauteed with scallion, sesame oil, barbecue sauce with rice, or served in a soup with Angelica Sinensis, meals here can easily satisfy the greatest of hungers. What's more, the flavor of goat-meat rice noodles, another of this restaurant's standout dishes, has remained consistently delectable for more than 60 years. So come out to Gangshan and enjoy its unique food culture and beautiful scenery.

          Add:No.111, Hehua Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan  
    Open:11:00~20:30 daily
    TI:Take the Kaohsiung MRT Red Line to Gangshan South Station(R24)(by Exit 1). Take Bus Red 69 to Gangshan Agricultural and Industrial Station and follow Hehua Rd. for around 10 min.  

    Authentic Goat-meat Delicacies2

          Tang Bo Pork Liver Roll
    No.95, Pinghe Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan