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    Kaohsiung City’s Global Call for Green Solutions for industrial Cities Print
    • Publishing Date:2023-08-15~2023-10-23
    • Update Time:2023-08-15 11:32
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    • Publishing Unit:高雄市政府資訊中心
    • Publisher:吳瑞文
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    As a leading industrial city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung is undergoing a green transition. To ensure a smooth transition and to learn from best practices around the world, we invite global industrial and port cities to work together to address the pressing challenges of climate change and sustainable development. This will not only facilitate knowledge sharing, learning and cooperation between cities, but also enable global cities to move together towards a green, sustainable and smartly governed future.

    Under the main theme "Green Transitions for Industrial Cities", Kaohsiung City is seeking innovative solutions in three sustainability themes: Sustainable Energy, Green Living and Urban Resilience. All public and private sectors, especially from industrial and port cities, are encouraged to share their innovative urban strategies, solutions and partnerships that leverage technology, governance or business models to actively promote green behaviour in society while fostering a harmonious relationship with the natural environment. In particular, the call aims to stimulate the adoption of smart, adaptable and practical solutions to ensure that no one is left behind on the path to a greener future.

    The call is open from 14 August to 23 October. Web sessions and workshops for international organizations and interested parties will be held during the call period. An expert jury will assess the submitted proposals according to six evaluation criteria: impact, linkability, innovativeness, replicability, people-centric and ecological responsibility. 15 winners will be selected and outstanding proposals in each category will be invited to showcase their achievements to the world at the 2024 City Climate Summit (City COP) and Kaohsiung Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE). In addition, the team will have the opportunity to work with Kaohsiung to implement the solution.


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