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    ◎English translation: Hou Ya-ting 

    ◎Photos by Eric

    Cijin Rhyme Campsite  Cijin Island is administrated by Kaohsiung City Government and is located just offshore of its main harbor. This year-round tourist attraction is known for its scenic beaches and delicious seafood restaurants. In July, the Cijin Rhyme Campsite was opened, allowing visitors to get a greater appreciation for the island's natural environment and picturesque coastline.

      The campsite provides spots for both individuals and groups. Located on the western side of Cijin's Wind-power Park, there are 30 individual campsites that range from 1779 to 2846 square feet. These spacious lots provide plenty of room for campers to drive their campervans or cars right up to where they will be staying, making camping much more convenient and relaxing. The campsite also provides showers, a cooking area, a large sink and a vending machine.

      The group campsite is situated beside the Shell Museum. All campsites are in close proximity to the sea and are surrounded by spectacular scenery. Since it is located along the coast there are fewer mosquitos than campsites in the mountains. There are also no snakes or other dangerous wild animals. The police are always on patrol, so it is also a very safe place to stay.

    Cijin landscape

      Mr. Chen and his family of five are seasoned campers; during the summer, they enjoyed their time at Cijin Rhyme Campsite. They particularly appreciated the fact that they could drive their RV right onto the campsite and really enjoyed the panoramic views of the sea. The Chen's also enjoyed the fact that each site was so spacious, with its own electric sockets and water faucet.

      The Chen family pitched their tent at dusk when there was a cool sea breeze and the following day they explored the island's attractions, such as Rainbow Arch, local historical sites, beaches and Cijin Old Street, with its delicious seafood restaurants and souvenir stalls. The campsite has also built a path to the nearby Shell Museum. It is advised to spend time at the campsite in the evening when there is a more comfortable breeze, as it gets windier during the day. It is also a great place to enjoy the sunset.

     People can also gather at the campsite for campfires, barbecues or special events. Snoop's Slope, is a grassy slope that is located on the campsite resembles and Snoopy's face. It is a great place to relax with friends, barbecue or just star gaze. The slope serves as a natural barrier from the road, making it a peaceful and quiet place to hang out.

    Cijin Sunset

    Things to do at Cijin Rhyme Campsite:

    1.Enjoy the surrounding nature

      Coastal campers can enjoy the sounds of sea birds and the dramatic waves crashing along the beach. Cijin Island is also a spectacular place to enjoy the sunset.

    2.Ecological tours and DIY art workshops

      The campsite can organize and customized ecological tours. There is however a 10-person minimum. Visitors can also take part in special DIY workshops, which include insect painting, creating animals out of seeds and art projects made from recyclable trash found on the beach.

    3.New Year's Celebrations

      Cijin is also a great place to celebrate New Year's Eve. It is a great place to watch ships and on New Year's all the ships in the harbor will sound their fog horns. It is truly a unique experience.

       Cijin Rhyme Campsite 

    Address: No. 51, Cijin 3rd Rd., Cijin District, Kaohsiung City
    Contact: 0973515152

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