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    • Publishing Date:2019-08-27~2019-09-30
    • Update Time:2019-08-19 11:18
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    • Publishing Unit:Information Bureau Kaohsiung City Government

    Dadong Arts Center

     Dadong Arts Center, adjacent to Dadong MRT station, is a multifunctional arts venue that was designed to make the most of natural elements. The arts center provides a complete range of facilities including a multi-functional performing arts hall, a visual exhibition hall, an art library, Fongshan historical classroom, as well as a coffee shop and other restaurants. Concerts are held at Dadong Arts Center most weekends, offering the public precious opportunities to appreciate musical feasts.

          Add:No. 161, Guangyuan Rd., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan  
    TI:Take the Kaohsiung MRT Orange Line to Dadong Station(O13)(by Exit 2). 

    Dadong Arts Center

    Fongyi Academy

     Fongshan is an ideal location for a tour combining cultural and historical sites. Fongyi Academy, which is more than 200 years old, is a highlight. A majestic ancient building where students once studied the Chinese classics, it now contains exhibitions of stationery used in China's imperial examinations, the “eight-legged essays” which civil-service candidates were required to write, and other historical relics. In addition, many adorable statuettes have been placed throughout the complex so as to revive the original historic atmosphere and rejuvenate the appearance of Fongshan.

          Add:No. 62, Fongming St., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
    Open:10:30~17:30 on weekdays, 10:30~18:30 on holidays, closed on Mondays
    TI:From Fongshan Train Station, follow Caogong Rd., and turn left to Fongming St.
    Take the Kaohsiung MRT Orange Line to Dadong Station(O13)(by Exit 2). Follow Guangyuan Rd., and turn left to Fongming St.



     Weiwuying, once a military training center, has been transformed into the 47-hectare Weiwuying Metropolitan Park, the centerpiece of which is the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying). Inspired by a group of banyan trees, Dutch architect Francine Houben devised a streamlined design for the center that could display the attitude of an easygoing life. The venue includes an opera house, a concert hall, a theater, a performance hall, an outdoor theater, and other facilities. Visitors can easily feel the comfort of this place, lingering by the canopy terrace to enjoy the blue sky.

          Add:No. 1, Sanduo 1st Rd., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
    Open:11:00~21:00 daily
    TI:Take the Kaohsiung MRT Orange Line to Yanchengpu Station(O2)(by Exit 2) and walk for around 5 min  

    Weiwuying Street Art Village

    Weiwuying Street Art Village Kaohsiung Weiwuying Street Art Village has emerged as a top attraction for shutterbugs and all who adore exploring big cities. Giant murals have transformed this oldish community into an arts village. In addition to Taiwanese creatives, artists from more than 17 countries (including the United States, Russia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Thailand) have created hundreds of colorful murals and interactive art installations. What was once a bleak concrete jungle is now a lively and vivid realm of art.

          Add:No. 1, Jianjun Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
    TI:Take the Kaohsiung MRT Orange Line to Weiwuying Station(O10)(by Exit 5)