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    Kaohsiung has love; come to display a lover’s affection in "Kaohsiung Love Month". In this romantic March, check in at the attractions and upload to Kaohsiung Travel FB Fan Page to win the prize value Print
    • Publishing Date:2020-04-13~2020-05-31
    • Update Time:2020-04-13 09:38
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    • Publishing Unit:Kaohsiung Travel

    In order to Continue the Western Valentine's Day, the Kaohsiung City Government Tourism Bureau has worked with local accommodation providers to launch "Kaohsiung Love Month in March". Lovers can get "major discounts and prizes for staying in hotels and motels”. There is a hotel which launched a deal of only $1,990 for a 90-ping presidential suite per night. With oaths and beautiful sceneries, lovers can get opportunities to win valentine’s room vouchers or professional wedding photography packages. Just check in at any attraction with lovers’ pictures, tag two friends, and upload to Kaohsiung Travel FB Fan page! Lovers can enjoy a romantic holiday and save money at the same time. We sincerely invite all lovers across the country to visit Kaohsiung to display your affection.

    The Director of the Tourism Bureau Chiu, Chun-Lung said that Kaohsiung boasts the unique romantic Love River in Taiwan. It is most suitable for couples to come here for love. The Tourism Bureau especially recommends two love routes: Shanmeng route and Haishih route. Shanmeng route includes Siaogangshan Skywalk Park, One-line Sky, Tianliao Moon World, Shoushan LOVE Lookout, Shoushan Zoo, Shouyushanqi Facebook check-ins, Gushan Tunnel, and so on. Haishih route includes the Whale in Love, White Lover Container House, Love River Water Show, Happy Sailing (the lantern theme on West bank of the Love River), Zone 767 (Pink Swan Boating), White Carousel in KW2, Cijin Sunset Bar, Cijin Installation Art Goddess of Harvest, and so on.

    Director Chiu, Chun-Lung stated that from now until the end of March; visitors who take photos at any of the above attractions, upload to Kaohsiung Travel FB fan page, and tag two friends will have the opportunity to win the prizes such as valentine’s room vouchers and wedding photography packages. There are 100 deluxe valentine’s rooms and 3 wedding photography packages; the total value of prizes is $200,000. In addition, during the White Valentine’s weekend on March 14th and 15th, lovers holding hands can get “buy one get one free” discounts when visiting Siaogangshan Skywalk Park, Love Boat, love gondola, Zone 767, Kaohsiung sightseeing bus, White Lover Container House, Gushan Tunnel , Shoushan Zoo, Cijin Shell Museum, etc. In addition, the popular Love River Artfood Space will also make a romantic comeback. Lovers from all over the country are welcome to come to Kaohsiung to display affection in March.

    As a part of the event "Kaohsiung Love Month", the hotels in Kaohsiung has also jointly launched accommodation discounts; the partner hotels include Ambassadors, Howard, Han-Hsien, Hilai, Fullon, Chateau de Chine Cozzi, New Image, Eagle, Residence, Chuanyaju B & B, and 55 other hotels.  Rates for one double room starts from $2800 per night for a five-star hotel, and $699 per night for ordinary hotels. Kaohsiung's top ten motels, which include Yin Shui Han, Leesing, Weifengqing, R7, Villa Bella, Four Seasons, Royal Group Fengshan, Chateau, and so on, provide rates start at $1,200 per night. Please refer to the official website of Kaohsiung Travel for details.